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Community Templates

Kick off your form building process with these templates from our community. Download, import into your Youreka instance, personalize, and start creating forms! Learn how to Import Templates from the section in our User Guide.

Opportunity Review Form


Sales reps can use this form to input details of an opportunity to tie to the Opportunity record and discover adjustments to be made to ensure they close the deal.

Lead Qualification Form


This simple qualification form gathers information about Lead details and qualifying data to be tied to a Lead record.

Field Service Assessment


Have a field service team? Use this assessment to capture data on your mobile device to evaluate and update Cases in the field.

Customer Satisfaction Survey


Need to know if your customers are satisfied? Use this form to capture their input and tie it to the customer’s Contact record.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I customize the style of the form?

You betcha! You can pick accent colors, drop in a logo, and choose font colors as well. We’re just getting started, though.

On Our Roadmap:

Right now we have standardized our User Interface for completing forms. On our product roadmap is the ability to allow end users to create their own versions of UIs for completing forms. For example, a customer may wish to ask one question at a time and have a fully branded background for each question. In addition, we plan to release a few options to serve as customizable templates for the community to fork/use as a baseline to further customize. We even plan to offer a repo for new community published UIs.

Can I link to custom objects?

Yes! Yes! Yes! And we hope you do!

There are a few pesky standard objects we can’t support at the moment including Tasks, Events, Contact Roles, Notes & Attachments.

Can I report on responses and answers?

You better believe it! Since we’re native to Salesforce, you can use standard Salesforce reports and dashboards on the Youreka Answer Object and tracks common responses to questions, changes to responses over time, or any other sort of analysis you’re interested in –Youreka!

Can I use Youreka offline?

Absolutely! The Youreka Mobile App for iOS and Android allows you to take your forms with you wherever you go. If you lose connectivity, you can still access Youreka forms from your mobile device to create new forms and collect data offline. When you reconnect to the internet, just sync your data back to your Salesforce instance!

Do I need to be a developer to build templates?

Heck no! Youreka is 100% declarative, no need to code. It’s all drag and drop. Power to the Admin!

Do you respect the permissions, field-level security, and read-only settings that exist within my Salesforce org?

Because Youreka is natively built on the Force.com platform, we respect the security settings that your organization has in place in your Salesforce instance, including field-level security, sharing settings, profile permissions, etc.

Do you work with Professional Edition?

Youreka requires features that are NOT available in Professional Edition. Unfortunately, this prohibits us from being able to run in Professional Editions of Salesforce.

Is Premium right for me?

Considerations for Premium:

  1. Are your templates proprietary? If so, you should consider a Premium subscription as we do not share the templates of our Premium subscribers with our community.
  2. Will your discovery criteria be as simple as one response to one question? If not, you may want to consider a Premium subscription as Discovery Rules and Discovery Rule Groups are the features that will allow you to combine responses/answers across multiple questions to create a Discovery.
  3. Do you want your discoveries to show up on objects other than the form? If so, that’s a feature reserved for our Premium subscribers. Let’s say your Discovery is related to a prospect who wants to buy a new car, and your form discovers that the Tesla Model S is the perfect car for them. If you want that Discovery to show up on your Opportunity record in addition to the form’s record, you’ll want to consider Premium.
  4. Do you have more than two questions you want to link to Salesforce fields in your template? If so, Premium might be the right choice for you as Premium allows you to link your questions to an unlimited number of fields in Salesforce, where free is limited to two per template. For example, if you are linking a template to a Widget_c object and you want to follow questions to link to a Widget_c record:
    • What is the name of the widget? – Linked to Widget__c.Name
    • What is the status of the widget? – Linked to Widget__c.Status__c (You can do both of these with free)
    • What is the date the widget was reviewed? – Linked to Widget__c.Review_Date_)c (This would require Premium because it’s your 3rd field link)

What does it mean to be Salesforce Native?

Native Salesforce applications, like Youreka, reside entirely within the confines of your Salesforce instance. Unlike non-native applications, all the data captured in Youreka is stored directly in Salesforce, meaning you can continue to leverage all the same Salesforce capabilities that you’re used to including building reports and dashboards or creating workflow rules. You can also rely on the same Salesforce security and access settings you have established in your organization. No need to worry about data loss or integrity!

What if I need assistance building form templates?

The Drag & Drop interface of the application makes it easy for anyone to build form templates! But if you find yourself stuck, we have a support team ready to answer any questions you have.

Have you heard about our Quick Start Implementation? We’ll get you up and running, and build out your first template for you. Learn more about our Quick Start Implementation on our Plans & Pricing page.