Create a Foundation, In the field

tablet retail audit
As was demonstrated with Tim’s process, if you aren’t capturing information about the world your consumers live in, you are not getting a complete picture. Are consumer goods leaders truly empowering field sales and services teams with the necessary tools for accurate, orderly and timely data collection? While sections of the industry broadly adopt mobile technologies, some are still stuck using pen and paper. Paper forms are static, easy to lose, prone to error and almost always require duplicate efforts when entering information.
Best in class consumer goods companies are seizing the opportunity and investing in mobile applications that extend their CRM systems. For organizations that are ready to take a leadership position, here are a few simple rules to follow when providing digital tools to your field users:


Reps can’t always count on a cell signal or Wi-Fi to complete their jobs. Digital tools need to work 100% of the time, online or offline.


The more time reps spend keying or rekeying known information, the less time they spend on valuable interactions with retailers.


Make the process streamlined and easy to follow and provide an intuitive user interface to encourage tool adoption.


Provide a single solution that offers the same experience and data set whether you are on a laptop, a tablet or a smart phone.