Youreka Lets You Capture Any Salesforce Data Offline in Minutes

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Don’t let a bad Internet connection keep you from capturing mission-critical Salesforce data! With Youreka, a top Salesforce-native application, you can access, update, and create new Salesforce records offline.


Use Cases

Field Sales

Field Sales

Youreka’s guided sales forms give field sales teams an easy way to capture data and discover sales opportunities they might otherwise miss. By working offline, Youreka spares reps from having to re-enter information into Salesforce after a customer interaction!

Field Service and Inspections

Field Service and Inspections

Youreka boosts the productivity of your field service operations and provides a 360-degree view of your customer data while you’re offline. You can take photos, leverage geolocation data, and follow Youreka's guided service and inspection forms all on a tablet or smartphone.

Field Data Collection

Field Data Collection

Whether your team is performing an offline environmental assessment, a home health visit, or a retail audit, Youreka makes collecting data in the field as easy as sending a text message. Youreka can handle any amount of data in any format, instantly mapping it to Salesforce when you regain connectivity.

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Features and Benefits

Access Salesforce Offline on the Go

Access Salesforce on the Go

No connectivity? No problem. Create new Salesforce records and update existing ones in real time to improve efficiency and data quality.

Any Salesforce Offline Object

Any Object

Youreka allows you to leverage both standard and custom Salesforce objects. It also lets you customize forms to fit your data model!

No Coding Necessary for Salesforce Offline

No Coding Necessary

Configuring Salesforce to work offline can be a big lift from a development perspective. With Youreka, anyone can quickly create and edit offline-enabled forms using our easy drag-and-drop template builder!

Automatic Data Sync Salesforce Offline

Automatic Data Sync

The days of duplicating data entry in Salesforce are over! Youreka automatically prompts users to sync offline data to Salesforce as soon as they regain connectivity.

Link to Salesforce1Salesforce Offline

Link to Salesforce1

Already use Salesforce1 in the field? Let Youreka remove limitations when it comes to offline data capture. With “deep linking” you can toggle between apps — complete forms offline in Youreka Mobile and then easily relaunch Salesforce1 to continue your workflow.

No Third-Party Salesforce Offline Integrations

No Third-Party Integrations

As a Salesforce-native solution, Youreka removes the need to undergo a costly third-party integration to work with data offline. You can do everything right on the Salesforce platform!


Schedule a 15-minute demo with one of our Salesforce experts to see how Youreka can help you with offline data capture.

Schedule a 15-minute demo with one of our Salesforce experts