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Smart Forms and Assessments


Complete forms in Salesforce, send forms to your community, and even post public forms to your website. Youreka allows you to build templates, capture data natively, and run reports on the data you’ve collected, all within Salesforce.


Head into the field and take your assessments or inspection forms with you on your mobile device, working online or offline.

Smart Data Capture

Ask the right questions at the right time and change course based on the answers provided. Discover the next best step to drive your CRM workflow.

What Our Customers Are Saying

"I have been using Youreka for over a year, and I like the direction it is going! It is extremely easy to set up. It allows you to override the CSS. The out of the box forms are not very attractive in the modern age, but that doesn't matter to me since I can override it to make it how I want. Customer service is really good. Youreka listens to feedback and implements a lot of user suggestions in their roadmap releases."

William Green

Owner, Apps4U

"Youreka is a great form capture system! I like the offline use and the ability to add photos. The discoveries function is also great to identify problems and get them remedied quickly."

Sarah Cliff

Operations Manager, Citywide Elevator Consulting

"Youreka was really nice, very easy to install and run. After installing, I received a call from a representative in a few minutes. He explained details about the product and benefits. He sent me follow-up emails and provided documents."

Zalak Solanki

Salesforce Consultant, Deloitte

"Just getting started, but so far, Youreka forms is just what we need. Flexible and dynamic forms.
Allows easy data input and gives us control over clean data entry into Salesforce."

Nick Martin

Sr. Director, Client Operations, Lotame Solutions, Inc.

"I had a great experience using Youreka. I enjoyed the ease of form creating, as well as how easy it was to plug and play with Salesforce."

Trey Longnecker

Administrator, Global Bank


Branching Logic

Infinite levels of dependencies let you ask the right questions at the right time

Mobile & Offline

Work in Salesforce1 or go offline with our iOS and Android apps


Giving data life after forms, discoveries are what make your forms actionable

Salesforce Native

A native application, found on the AppExchange

Any Object

Create or edit records for any object

Drag & Drop Designer

No code. Build intuitive, intelligent forms with a drag-and-drop interface

Community Components

Add forms to your Salesforce Communities with ease

Console Ready

Complete your forms in a Salesforce Console App


Clone your forms and templates, never start from scratch

Custom Styling

Change colors and fonts, add logos to match your brand, upload custom CSS

Field Links

Form answers can update any standard or custom object records


Design forms with multiple pages or create a wizard-like flow


Take multiple photos and attach them to your forms

Public Forms

Post forms to your website, create Leads or any type of record automatically

Question Types

With 17 types, it is easy to ask the questions at hand

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Demo/Intro Videos

Youreka for Guided Sales

Youreka for Guided Sales

Watch the video to see how we built a guided selling form in Youreka for our reps at Synaptic AP. Youreka simplifies Salesforce data capture and tells sales reps which next best actions to take in real time!

Youreka takes Salesforce Offline

Youreka takes Salesforce Offline

Don’t let a bad Internet connection keep you from capturing mission-critical Salesforce data! With Youreka, a top Salesforce-native application, you can access, update, and create new Salesforce records offline.

Youreka Salesforce Consumer Goods & Retail Execution Demo

Youreka Consumer Goods Demo

Watch Dan Bergner, our VP of Strategy & Development, provide a demonstration of how Youreka changes the way consumer goods companies engage with their customers in the field.

Capture Salesforce Data Offline

Create and edit Salesforce records on a mobile device from anywhere. No Internet needed!

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Youreka is proud to be in the Top 100 most popular apps on the AppExchange.
Lightning Experience or Salesforce Classic? We’re compatible with both.


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