Secure care management software for the entire office

Secure care management software

Physicians’ offices, clinics and hospitals have common needs, such as the ability to utilize data effectively and efficiently, and share real-time information data across a healthcare network.

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Synapse Provider ProfileWith the interoperability of Synapse software, your team can securely share patient history and data, fostering the formation of coordinated care teams to tackle the tasks of the day. With Synapse, you can develop interventions, identify and focus on high-risk patient populations and improve cross-team communication both internally and remotely.

ADT notifications

ADT notifications give your team the ability to monitor the network patients who are either out of network or going to another provider within network. Integration of this data allows for effective communications that control costs and impact interventions.

Improving scheduling, forms and assessment

Synapse software permits immediate scheduling of your assets or resources. You can effectively schedule and route staff to a remote site, or easily schedule a specialist for a patient.

All forms, including forms that need to comply with regulatory stipulations, can be accessed from any device and location, and many can be customized for best use. All forms and assessments can be shared in real time. When necessary, the platform will store data until it can be synced with the web.


Meeting Reliance’s needs for
population health management

Reliance knew they needed a way to track ADT, they just didn’t know quite how to do it. Enter Synapse and our custom-built software solution. Our software not only helped Reliance realize substantial cost savings, it lead them to an almost unprecedented level of success for a first-year ACO.

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