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Synapse software provides Payers with the information they need to make sound and informed
decisions on care management and cost control.

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Synapse software gives Payers a secure platform to share and receive patient-specific data from any device, no matter their location. In real time, you’ll have the ability to interactively share claims data, develop key metrics, create strategies for cost savings with caregivers, and impact intervention and planning.

Whether you’re controlling referrals, assessing the scope of covered services or performing pre-certification reviews, our software allows you to influence costs by being an active participant in healthcare administration plans.


Meeting Reliance’s needs for
population health management

Reliance knew they needed a way to track ADT, they just didn’t know quite how to do it. Enter Synapse and our custom-built software solution. Our software not only helped Reliance realize substantial cost savings, it lead them to an almost unprecedented level of success for a first-year ACO.

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