Secure care management
software for MCOs

At Synaptic, we know the name of the game is improving care while reducing costs. MCOs must have connection to HIEs to amass data on patients in their networks. The interoperability of our Synapse medical records software gives you access to the data and patient history you need. These insights enable you to provide treatment interventions and eliminate costs due to unnecessary tests, duplications of medications, and re-admissions of patients into the hospital setting.

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Risk group population management

Synapse software stratifies your risk group so you can take appropriate action. High-risk patient populations account for upwards of 50% of medical costs. As a result, our software organizes your data so you can implement interventions that will reduce future care.

Synapse population health software also identifies those in a Rising Risk group. With 20% of rising-risk patients on track to become high-risk in a year, this software is vital to providing the interventions necessary to reduce risk, prevent costly emergencies, and improve care. For low-risk patients, Synapse software allows you to securely communicate reminders of preventative screening and tests and distribute healthcare educational material.

Synapse software also allows you to combine ADT alerts with claims history, so you can monitor a networked patient’s activity in the system. Real-time notifications also give you insights into networked patients who might be out of plan.

Real-time care management application

Useful data requires mobility among team members. No matter where you are or what device you’re using, Synapse software gives you secure access to patient records, scheduling, and forms and assessments. It allows you to securely transmit care team plan and schedule tests and specialists for patient interventions—all in real time. When web access is unavailable, Synapse provides the ability to store data until access is gained.

Health care administration for a better bottom line

Synapse software features a suite of tools that generates processes in cost savings. In addition, it creates reports that document cost analysis and savings.



Meeting Reliance’s needs for
population health management

Reliance knew they needed a way to track ADT, they just didn’t know quite how to do it. Enter Synapse and our custom-built software solution. Our software not only helped Reliance realize substantial cost savings, it lead them to an almost unprecedented level of success for a first-year ACO.

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