Get ahead with our team-centered care management software

Get ahead with our team-centered care management software

Effective hospice/palliative care requires careful coordination and real-time patient insights. To deliver high-quality coordinated care, you need software that offers interoperability of patient data from disparate sources, as well as secure communication across all devices.

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Synapse Hospice Profile
Synapse is complete care plan coordination software, giving you a set of easy-to-deploy tools for coordinating all facets of patient care across specialties:

  • View care plans for patients
  • Schedule specialists closest to patient locations
  • Modify interventions and share information
  • Schedule home hospice caregivers and efficiently route them to the patient’s home
  • Allow secure access for family care team members
  • Add, drag and drop areas on assessments to meet the caregiver needs
  • Display and customize all forms
  • Securely transmit data or store data until web access is available

Security and peace of mind

Regardless of the device you are using or your location, Synapse software provides secure connections that will maintain your privacy and the privacy of your patients and team. All information is accessed or transmitted in real time, helping to bolster cost savings by eliminating expensive paper trails and redundancies in health data management and care.


Meeting Reliance’s needs for
population health management

Reliance knew they needed a way to track ADT, they just didn’t know quite how to do it. Enter Synapse and our custom-built software solution. Our software not only helped Reliance realize substantial cost savings, it lead them to an almost unprecedented level of success for a first-year ACO.

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