Drill down to the details with Synapse case management software

The uses for Synapse software apply to much more than just the health care industry. Case in point: Government agencies and case managers. Whether you’re looking for data that encompasses a state, city or neighborhood, or even a particular housing development, Synapse quickly stratifies the data and aggregates it into easy-to-read formats.

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Synapse Government Profile

With our case management software, you can accurately track any demographic or swath of population. Stratify individuals for government programs, identify population segments that face economic barriers to quality housing, discover locations ripe for development or see the socio-economic impact of particular building on its residents. Whatever your target, Synapse software will help you create an action-oriented plan.

Securely share information and mobilize teams
The interoperability of Synapse software means that you can easily and securely share data with other agencies, departments and team members, all in real time. Fill out forms and schedule assessments from any device, any location. Add, drag and drop features on assessments also make it easy to customize on the fly. And in the event that you don’t have web access, Synapse software will save your work until your connection is restored. This high level of customization and connectivity not only makes working together with other entities easy, it helps lower operational costs by eliminating inefficiencies and redundancies.

A case management application
built for the long haul

The work of a government agency or case manager is a continuous endeavor. Synapse software provides analytic tools that allow you to track the long-term effects of an implemented program. In addition, all data gathered can be scaled up to a national level, providing insight into socio-economic factors that affect the entire country.


Meeting Reliance’s needs for
population health management

Reliance knew they needed a way to track ADT, they just didn’t know quite how to do it. Enter Synapse and our custom-built software solution. Our software not only helped Reliance realize substantial cost savings, it lead them to an almost unprecedented level of success for a first-year ACO.

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