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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! We offer a discount to nonprofit organizations. For activation as a part of your plan, please contact a Youreka Specialist.

Yes! We understand that you may have a mobile workforce who completes Youreka forms in the field and a separate workforce charged with reporting on Youreka data in your organization. No worries! You can assign access to mobile capabilities to differentiate these roles in the same org.

Youreka requires features that are NOT available in Professional Edition and therefore prohibits us from being able to run Youreka in Professional Editions of Salesforce®.

The best way to answer this question is for you to identify who will be utilizing the application within your organization. Remember – The Youreka Admin License (Template Builder) is the Salesforce® user/s that will be creating the form templates for your other Salesforce® users to fill out. At least one of these licenses is required for your organization. Other than the admin license/s, you’ll need to purchase a standard license for every Salesforce® user that will be submitting and/or viewing Youreka forms. The rates for these standard licenses are different based on if they are Salesforce® Community users, Salesforce® users that require mobile/offline capabilities, or otherwise. If you have questions, feel free to give us a call and we can help you figure out the perfect license structure for your organization.

In this case, you can set up your Youreka forms on a Salesforce® public site, and simply create a link to them. In terms of pricing, the only license/s you’ll need will be the Template Builder/Admin license, and you’ll need one for each person within your organization that will be constructing the form templates for your public users.

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