Youreka Limits

Template Builder

General Limits

When designing templates, there are limits you should keep in mind when deciding on Question Types or Template features. General limits for the Template Builder are in the table below:

Limit Value
Questions per Template 1000
Sections per Template 999
Template Name length 80 characters
Section Name length 80 characters
Question Label length 5000 characters
Free Text length 50001 characters
Template Images 500px by 500px and 1.1MB
Template Size 1MB for mobile only2
6MB for export/import2
Tooltip length1 255 characters1

1 Text can be entered as Rich Text. Formatting information counts toward the limit. A counter of actual storage space in use is provided. For longer explanatory text consider using a link to another web page.

2 Question labels, question dependency, Picklist lists, Section labels, Free Text all figure into this calculation. Answers and Images do not.

Field Links

Field Links allow you to design the form such that

  • the Answer is pre-populated with a value from a field on an Object .
  • updating the Answer will update the field.
  • updating the field will update the Answer until the form is locked.

In order to use Field Link questions on a form, the Form object must have a relationship field to the object containing the field to use for the field link question. For example, if you would like to use Contact. LastName in a Field Link question, the form object must have either a lookup relationship field or a master/detail relationship field to the Contact object.

For more information on Field Links, please visit the Youreka Academy.

Limit Value
Standard Objects Available for Field Links Account, Asset, Campaign, Case, Contact, Contract, Goal, Idea, Lead, Opportunity, Order, Product2, Quote, QuoteLineItem, ServiceAppointment, Solution, User, WorkOrder1
Standard Objects available in Linked Sections Account, Asset, Campaign, CampaignMember, Case, Contact, Contract, Goal, Lead, Opportunity, OpportunityLineItem, OrderItem, Product2, Quote, QuoteLineItem, Solution, Task, User, WorkOrder, WorkOrderLineItem2
Custom Objects Available for Field Links All3
Max relationships used for Field Links per Template 104
Re-use a Field Link field No5

1 A relationship must exist on the Form Object to the Standard Object. You can use the Salesforce Setup or the Youreka Relationship builder to create the relationship.

2 A relationship must exist on the Standard Object to the Form Object. You can use the Salesforce Setup to create the relationship.

3 A relationship must exist on the Form Object to the Custom Object. You can use the Salesforce Setup or the Youreka Relationship builder to create the relationship. For Field Links to the Form object, use Self.

4 The count here refers to the relationships used in the Field Links, not the Field Links themselves. For example, 10 Field Links to Contact using the Form_Contact relationship counts as one relationship toward the limit.

This limitation is enforced to prevent a “Too many SOQL statements” Salesforce governor limit violation. The actual number may be lower if the objects used to have complicated triggers on their own

5 You can’t have two fields linking to, for example, Contact.LastName unless two Contact lookup relationships are used

General Question Limits

Limit Value
Text Question maximum Answer length 255 characters
Long Text Question maximum Answer length 32000 characters
Picklist/Multiselect Picklist, Radio button list, Checkbox list entries 1000 characters per option
comma, semicolon, backslash or double quote may not be used
1000 entries per question
Numbers (including currency & percent) Max 14 digits before the decimal, max 4 after
Dates and Date/Times 1/1/1700-12/31/2399
Attachment / Photo size Image on form 500px byt 500px
Public Sites: 3MB
To show in PDF: 2.5MB
PDF only JPG and PNG images are shown.
Launchpad images 1024px by 1024ps, 1.2MB
Everywhere else: 37MB

Linked Sections

Linked Sections are sections that can repeat multiple times, for example when multiple Contacts are to be entered for a single form, such as members of a family. Shared Linked Sections are tied to a parent record, such as a Household record. Objects used in Linked Sections must have a Lookup or Master/Detail relationship to the Form__c Object (on Contact in this example). For Shared Linked Sections, the Form__c Object must have a Lookup or Master/Detail relationship to the parent Object (Household) and the Linked Section records must also have a Lookup or Master/Detail relationship to the parent record (Household).

Limit Value
Objects NOT Available for Linked Sections
  • Answer,Discovery, Idea, Order, ServiceAppointment
  • Objects with more than one non-reparentable parent in a master-detail relationship
Linked Sections for a specific Object in a template 1 for all Objects except Tasks1
Maximum shared linked section records 100 for each Linked Section2
Question dependency
  • Questions in Linked Sections can only have dependent logic based on other questions within the same iteration of the linked section.
  • Questions in Standard Sections cannot be the dependent logic parents for questions in Linked Sections.

1 Task Sections are a special type of Linked Section and may be repeated several times

2 Shared Linked Sections records are loaded on when the Form is created. These can be filtered. A maximum of 100 shared Linked Sections are loaded when they Form is created but more can be entered.

PDF Limits

  • For images in PDFs, see Attachment/Image size above
  • Maximum answer length: 1500 characters (only up to 1500 characters of the answer will show)
  • Mixing images and other files as attachment may cause the images to show improperly
  • Links that are part of the Form Free Text will only be clickable on the PDF if they display the actual URL. For example, or will work but Youreka will not.

Youreka Mobile

These limits are specific to Youreka Mobile.

Limit Value
Photo resolution in Youreka Mobile 500px by 500 px1
Search results for Form search in Mobile 50 forms
Maximum mobile data capacity 50,000,000 bytes (template size * # of forms) 2

1 Youreka Mobile enforces this limit so that saving and syncing is not too heavily slowed down by multiple large images. If higher resolution photos are required, consider used Salesforce Mobile where the photos are used at native resolution.

2 For all mobile available forms and templates. Template size can be seen in the disco__Full_Form_Size__c field on the Form Template. Beyond this limit the app will start to encounter errors.

Free Model

Limit Value
Published Form Template 1
Field Links No
Discoveries No
Mobile App or Salesforce Mobile No
Questions per template 10
Forms per calendar month 10

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