Trigger a Salesforce Workflow

Learning Objectives

After completing this tutorial, you will be able to:

  • Build Salesforce Workflows
  • Associate Workflows to Youreka Discoveries
  • Assign Tasks or other Activities to Contacts upon making Youreka Discoveries

Prerequisites: Build Your First Form TemplateField LinksAllow New Records & Discoveries

Create a Salesforce Workflow

Now that we have added Discoveries to our form, we want to have these Discoveries trigger automated workflows based on our processes. Workflows allow you to trigger actions such as Tasks, Email Alerts, Field Updates, or Outbound Messages. For this tutorial, we will automate a workflow that triggers a task when Arabica’s Cross Sell Cookie Display Discovery is triggered. This is valuable to Arabica Coffee Co. because rather than relying on the rep to know exactly what to do when that Discovery is triggered, their Salesforce instance will automatically assign a task to be completed. This allows Arabica Coffee Co. to drive the next best action for that rep to take right in the store or in the future. For this instance, we will create and assign a simple task to one of our representatives to prepare the cookie display package for the client. To start, log in to your Salesforce Org.

  1. Log in to Salesforce using your Username and Password.
  2. Click Setup and then in the Quick Find/Search global search box, type Workflow.
    quick find and search workflow salesforce.jpg
  3. Select Workflow Rules under the Workflow & Approvals section and click Continue to click through the helper text.workflow rules salesforce3.jpg
  4. From the All Workflow Rules screen click New Rule to add rule details.all workflow rules salesforce form youreka.jpg
  5. There will be a 3-step process to work through creating your New Rule.
    1. Step 1: Select Discovery from the Object dropdown and click Next.
      discovery object dropdown salesforce youreka.jpg
    2. Step 2:
      • Type Cookie Display Follow Up in Rule Name Field.
      • Leave evaluation criteria set to created, and any time it’s edited to subsequently meet criteria.
      • In the Rule Criteria section, set field to Discovery: Discovery Name, Operator to Equals and Value to Cross Sell Cookie Display.
      • Click Save & Next to Proceed.
        cookie display follow salesforce youreka.jpg
    3. Step 3: Click Add Workflow Action dropdown and select New Task.
      add workflow action new task done rule.jpg
  1. You will be prompted to customize your new Task:
    • Assign the task to a User (could be your user to test the functionality)
    • Type Prepare Cookie Display Package in the Subject field and click Unique Name to populate the unique name field
    • Select Discovery: Created Date from the Due Date dropdown and type 0 in the days field. This specifies that the task should be assigned on the same day that the Discovery is triggered
    • Status is Not Started and Priority is Normal
    • Click Save to Proceed.
      new task configure task salesforce youreka.jpg
  2. Click Done on the Edit Rule Cookie Display Follow Up Task screen to Proceed.
    edit rule cookie display follow up task.jpg
  3. On the Follow up Task detail screen, click Activate to activate the workflow.follow up task detail activate.jpg
  4. The workflow will now be Active.
    active rules workflow detail 10.jpg

Test the Workflow

  1. Return to your form template by clicking the Form Template tab from the navigation bar and then select your Arabica Coffee Store Visit template.
  2. From the Form Template Detail page, create a New Form.
    Form Template Detail.jpg
  3. From the New Form Wizard, select the New Record checkboxes for both Account and Contact and Complete the New Form.
  4. For the sake of this tutorial, enter in mock data throughout the form but ensure that you meet the criteria for triggering the Cross Sell Cookie Display Discovery. To do so, indicate that there are Coffee Snacks available as a complementary product in the same aisle and also indicate that there is Display Real Estate available. In order to trigger the Premium Placement Discovery, select Higher than Average for the question How do Arabica Coffee prices compare to other coffee brands?
  5. Save the form when it is complete.
  6. At the top of the page, note the Discoveries in the Youreka Insights section.
  7. From the gear menu select View Form Properties.
  8. From the Discoveries related list, click into the Cross Sell Cookie Display Discovery.
  9. This will open the Discovery Detail Page which contains information about the discovery including the description, the owner, the contact, the associated form and the associated tasks on the Open Activities Related List.
    Workflows Step 18.jpg
    If you can’t see the Open Activities Related List, edit your Discovery Page Layout to include this related list. (Edit Layout > Related Lists > Open Activities > Drag and Drop Open Activities Related List into space below > Save)
  10. You can now click into the new Account record you’ve created right from this Discovery Detail page. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and notice that the form and the associated Discoveries are now linked to the account record as well.Wegmans Layout.jpg
    **Note: As with the Discovery Detail Page, if you cannot see these related list on your Account page layout, edit your account page layout to include them.

You have now created a simple Workflow task and associated it to a Discovery. You can replicate these same steps to fit to your company’s processes!

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