Forms from a Website

Hosting Form Templates on a Salesforce Public Site


Learning Objectives

After completing this tutorial, you’ll be able to:

  • Create a Public Site to Host Youreka Templates

  • Configure Access Settings

  • Host your Youreka Template on your Public Site


Prerequisites: Build Your First Form TemplateField Links & Allow New Records



Public Sites


Youreka allows you to make your forms available to public, non-Salesforce users in a couple of ways. The first is to host a Youreka form template on a Salesforce public site which can be made available on a public facing webpage.

This functionality is useful for companies who would like their website’s forms like a Contact Us inquiry form or a Product Order Form to be able to map back to fields inside of Salesforce. The information captured in these forms will automatically create new or update existing records in both standard and custom Salesforce objects, allowing you to pull new data from a public-facing website or page.

Youreka offers flexibility in terms of hosting forms on various sites as well as customizing forms to look and feel as though they are part of an existing company’s website. For the purpose of this tutorial, we’ll show you how to activate the a standard site to host Youreka Templates and activate the Store Visit template that you’ve created to be available on this site.



1. Log in and navigate to your Form’s Form Template Detail page and check the ‘Available for Public Sites’checkbox, directly below the ‘Mobile Available’ checkbox.

available for public sites checkbox

2. Create a site to host your templates. Navigate to your sites list by clicking Setup > Build > Develop > Sites. If you don’t already have a domain for your company, you can create one on this page.

**Beware that once you register your domain name, you cannot modify it. This should be something to discuss at an organizational level**

register your domain

3. Register your site once you’ve checked the availability of the domain name.

availability domain name check

4. Click New after the registration process is complete.

new button public site registration

5. Give your site a Site Label (Youreka Templates) which will prepopulate the Site Name.

site label templates and site name

6. Next, to Active Site Home Page, click the lookup magnifying glass to search for Public Templates from the lookup. Click the name PublicTemplates:

public templates search

7. Preview your site and click Save.

save name for public youreka template

8. Activate your site by clicking the Activate link on your site listing:


9. We now need to configure our access to these templates to determine who will have access to fill in and complete these forms, which in this case would be a Site Guest User. To do this, first click on the Site Label: Youreka Templates.


10. Select the Public Access Settings button at the top of the page.


11. Click View Users:


12. Click into the Full Name of the Guest User to open the User Detail Page.


13. Under Permission Set Assignments, click the Edit Assignments button.


14. Add ‘Youreka Complete Forms’ to the list of Enabled Permission Sets and click Save.


15. Return to the Youreka Templates Profile (if you are returned to the Sites Page, select your Site Label and then select Public Access Settings). We need to adjust some more Field Level Security settings and Custom Object Permissions before our templates can be completed by the Guest User.


16. Click Edit at the top of the screen and then scroll down to Custom Object Permissions. Ensure that all Basic Access boxes are checked for any custom objects related to your form templates (i.e. Coffee Products and Coffee Count objects if you have completed the Linked Sections Tutorial).



17. Under Standard Object Permissions, ensure that all Basic Access boxes are checked next to Contacts (or any other standard object related to your form). Save your changes.


18. Navigate back to your Youreka Templates sites page (Build > Develop > Sites) and click on your Site URL to open the Youreka Templates site in a new window. Ensure that the ‘Active’ checkbox is checked:


19. In your new window, you should see your template available. Clicking into your template will take you straight into the Complete Form page where you can begin to enter data and complete a new form. Any published template that you check for ‘Available for Public Sites’ will now appear in the list of templates on this site.




You now have the ability to host all of your templates on this site for users, including non-Salesforce users to access and complete.

Want to send forms directly to customers for completion? Check out our Public Site URL Tutorial.

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