Winter 16

New Features

Insert New Field Link Records (BETA)

In the Template Designer, a new button is available to Allow New Records. It displays all field link relationships on the template. Toggling this option on for a relationship means that field links can create new records for that relationship. The only requirement is that all required (red*) fields for that object have corresponding field link questions on the template. Once this option is turned on, the user will have the option to either select an existing record, or create a new one while creating a new form.

User License Page (BETA)

The new tab, Youreka Licenses, has been added to the application. This tab will allow premium customers to monitor their Youreka license usage. It displays your license count and consumption. It also lists which users are being counted and which Youreka objects they have access to. A user with access to any Youreka object is counted as a Youreka user.

New Mobile Features

Tabs – New Form, My Forms, All Forms, & Sync (BETA):

There are now four tabs on the main forms list part of the mobile app: New Form, My Forms, All Forms, and Sync.

  • New Form is a list of mobile available Templates that can be used to create new Forms on the mobile device.
  • My Forms is a list of all the mobile available Forms of which the user is the owner.
  • All Forms is a list of all the mobile available forms in that org.
  • Sync shows counts for the number of new Form Templates, My Forms, All Forms, and unsycned Forms on the device.

Entering text into the input field at the top of the New Forms, My Forms, and All Forms tab will filter the respective lists to improve the ease of finding a specific Form or Template.

Mobile: Create New Forms (BETA)

Clicking on a Template in the My Forms tab will take the user to the New Forms page. If the form has any Field Links, the lookups to select the Field Link records will be on this page. Forms that can update existing records must be created while the device is online so that the record can be selected from Salesforce. Once the Form has been created, it can then be used offline. Forms that allow Field Link inserts can be created offline. Forms with required Field Link lookups (e.g. Contact: AccountId) can only be created and completed online. Forms with Field Link lookups that are not required can be created offline but the lookup field will be disabled and have to be completed after re-connecting to the internet.

Field Link Lookups (BETA)

The Youreka mobile app now supports forms with Field Link lookups (e.g. Contact: AccountId) while completing forms online. If the user is offline, the user can still complete the Form offline but the lookup field will be disabled. If the lookup field is required, the user will have to re-connect to the internet to be able to complete the Form.

Linked Sections (BETA)

The Youreka mobile app now supports Forms with Linked Sections. Forms with Linked Sections can be completed online or offline. Forms with Linked Sections that have Field Link lookups (e.g. Contact: AccountId) can be used when offline if the lookup field is not required.

New Form Navigation Controls (BETA)

The next page, previous page, and select a page controls are now located at the bottom of all multi-page Forms for easier form navigation.

Salesforce1 New Features

Header and Footer Style Customizations

The header and footer displayed on the Complete Forms page in Salesforce1 allows for style customizations. The header and footer’s background colors and text can be modified, as well as the header and footer’s buttons and button text color. The styling updates are made by modifying the Salesforce1 attributes in Youreka’s Custom Settings.

Generating Forms with Action Buttons

Forms can be generated from Standard and Custom Objects by creating an action button that links to the NewForm page. Upon clicking the button, the user will be moved through the Form creation process, and can complete the new Form. For more information on creating an Action Button, please consult our User Guide.

Open Forms & Create Forms from Forms List Tab

The Youreka package now includes a tab called Forms List, which can be added to Salesforce1 Navigation. This tab opens a page that list’s mobile available Templates and mobile available Forms where the logged in user is the Owner, and also all mobile available forms. Selecting a Template will generate a new form to be completed, whereas selecting a form will open the Form for editing.

New Form Page Optimized

When creating a form with field links or other necessary lookups, the user will first go to a New Form page to add the lookups. This page is used in web as well, but has now been optimized for mobile viewing in Salesforce1.

Form Detail Page Options Modified

When a form has been completed and the user is returned to the Form Detail page, some options available on the web interface will not be seen in Salesforce1. To edit a form’s properties, lock, make discoveries, or create a public URL, please use the web interface. Additionally, the chatter feed is hidden from view in Salesforce1.

Form Completion Return URL

An Object Id can be specified as a property of a Form, this allows the user to be redirected to that object when the finish button is selected at the completion of a Form. A simple workflow rule can be used to dynamically update the Redirect After Save field on the Form with the desired Object Id.

Complete Form Footer Navigation Updated

The footer navigation on the Complete Form page now allows for users to jump to any subsequent page with the page selector. Also, all pages now have the photo icon, allowing for a photo to be taken.

Photos Attached to a Form Presented in a Gallery (BETA)

Photos associated with a Form can be viewed from the Form Detail page by clicking on the link to the Photo Gallery.

Bug Fixes

Template Designer Fixes
  • Creating picklist question values with the “<” or “>” characters no longer creates duplicate picklist question values.

  • Now able to create Field Links to fields even if they are also being used by the Template in Linked Sections.

  • Required questions are now always shown as required.

Form Detail Fixes

The Form Detail page no longer displays the day before for date questions.

Make Discoveries Fixes

Discoveries are always triggered for Field Links to checkbox fields that were set to create discoveries.

New Form Fixes

Fix to remove “too many SOQL queries” error when creating a new Form with many Field Links.

Complete Form Fixes
  • Field Link checkboxes now work correctly as parents to dependent questions.

  • Forms with two columns and questions only in the second column now display correctly.

  • Linked Section data no longer persists after a section has been removed.

  • The scroll bar in multi-select picklists no longer unnecessarily shows in Chrome when the options are not overflowing the multi-select box.

Salesforce1 Fixes
  • Two column sections display correctly in landscape view.

  • Selecting picklist options no longer causes inadvertent scrolling.

Known Issues

Form Detail Page pictures not visible in Chrome

Chrome users with that have checked “Block third-party cookies and site data” in their browser cannot see pictures on the Form Detail page.

  • Workaround: In the Chrome browser, go to Settings > Show advanced settings… > Privacy > Content Settings and uncheck the “Block third-party cookies and site data” checkbox and then reload the page if you want to see the pictures.
Mobile: Open the iOS app from a complete close while offline:

If you open the app while online and then return the home page without fully closing the app, when you return to the app it work fine offline. However, if you either fully close the app by double clicking the home button and then swiping up or if the app is not currently open on your device and then you try to open it offline, the app does not load properly.

  • Workaround: Open the app while connected to the internet and then do not fully close it if you are going to go offline. Returning to the home screen or going to another app is fine as long as it is not fully closed by swiping up or completely turning off the device.
Forms and templates with State & Country Picklist questions do not currently work on the Android Mobile App.


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