Summer 16

New Features

Form Deep Clone

Form Deep Clone allows Youreka users to copy both a Form and its answers and then update the new version in order to efficiently track changes over time with new forms.  This is useful for repeated customer satisfaction surveys, creating pre- and post- intervention assessments, or any type of comparison to a baseline assessment.

Linked Sections

Linked Sections allow users to enter new records into linked Salesforce Objects from Youreka Forms. This is in contrast to Field Links in Standard Sections that only allow users to update existing records in Salesforce Objects. This is useful for entering new records into an inventory, registering new students in a class, or new clients at a trade show.

Youreka Mobile

Youreka Mobile allows users to fill out forms and assessments using any Apple or Android mobile device or tablet. Mobile can be used with internet connectivity or users can download forms in advance and then go offline to complete them in the field. This is useful for client home visits, in-person assessments, or any forms that are best completed away from a desk.

Relationship Builder

The Relationship Builder allows users to create new lookup relationships from the Youreka Form Object to Salesforce Objects for Field Links without having to close the Template Builder. Clicking the Relationship Builder icon in the edit Question modal in Template Builder opens the Relationship Builder in a new tab that helps you create the necessary lookup field without having to close the Template Designer tab or navigate through the setup menu.

State and Country Picklists Support

Youreka now supports field links using Saleforce State and Country Picklists that are available on standard objects when enabled in your org. Youreka will also validate that the type of State and Country fields that are currently enabled in your org are compatible with your Youreka Forms and Templates. This validation happens on saving a Template in Template Builder, on publishing a Template, and on creating a new Form.

If you enable or disable state and country picklists in your org, you will have to modify previously made Forms and Templates to be compatible with your org. For unpublished Templates, you will have to re-open them in Template Builder and change and State and Country Field Link Questions to be the appropriate type that is compatible with your org. For Templates that have already been published, you will have to click “Copy for a New Version” on the Template Detail page and then edit and save the relevant questions in the copied version to be the appropriate type.

Bug Fixes

Added validation that picklist questions have values

When a user saves a Template in the Template Builder, Youreka will now inform the user of an error(if present) in which picklist or field link picklist questions no longer have values. The questions with issues will be highlighted in red and the user can either re-create the question or fix the field it is linked to in Salesforce to resolve the issue.

Added validation that Discoveries in Discovery Rule Groups are valid

The Discovery Rule Groups page of the Template Builder now validates on save if each group has valid Discovery Rules in it. This addresses scenarios in which a Discovery Rule Group is created and then the user goes back and deletes a Discovery Rule or Rules that were part of that Rule Group.

Added validation that questions in Discovery Rules are valid

The Discovery Rules page of the Template Builder now validates on save if each rule has valid Questions in it that have been marked as Create Discovery. This addresses scenarios in which a Discovery Rule is created and then the user goes back and deletes a Question or unchecks Create Discovery on a question that was part of that Discovery Rule.

Added sorting of Forms by descending order

Forms listed on the Template Detail page are now sorted by descending Form number order so that the most recent forms are at the top of the list.

Added a 5mb maximum file size for importing Templates

The maximum file size of templates that can be imported has been set to 5mb to prevent the likelihood of the user from receiving a view state error.

Allowed switching related records in Edit Properties

Users with administrative privileges can now change the related records for the Form’s Field Links by clicking the Edit Properties link on Form Detail page and changing the records. Changing the related records updates the fields on the Form with what is currently in the newly selected record.

Changed sharing settings to now default to being org-wide

The default sharing settings on the Form object in Youreka have now been set to org-wide in order to allow easier access and use for all users to Youreka.

Fixed dragging issues in Firefox and Internet Explorer

Items being dragged in the Template Builder when using Firefox or Internet Explorer no longer shift up if the page is scrolled.

Fixed new options not updating in Discovery Rule assign weight tab

If the user adds a new picklist option to a question that has already been created and added to a Discovery Rule, the new option will now automatically appear in the Assign Weight tab of the Discovery Rule on the Discovery Rules page.

Fixed Template Designer sections in Safari

The sections in the Template Builder page now properly expand to fit new questions that are added to the section.

Fixed Get Started page in Safari

The Create your first template link on the get started page now works in Safari.

Fixed issue where picklist values wrap early

Long picklist values on the Form Detail and Edit Form pages now expand to fill up the most of the width of their column to allow for easier reading.

Fixed save & preview of large templates

Fixed bug that prevented the Save & Preview function from working for large Templates on the Template Designer Page of the Template Builder.

Fixed calendar input on Complete Forms

Fix issues related to the click on the calendar icon in the input for date Field Link question types.

Fixed Template Builder icons in Internet Explorer

Fix issue with Template Builder icons displaying incorrectly in Internet Explorer.

Fixed importing of large templates under 5mb

Users can now import large templates under 5mb.

Fixed Chatter tab on Form Detail page

Fixed issue with the buttons and drop-down menu on of the Chatter tab on the Form Detail page.

Improved dependent question filter logic field validation

The Filter Logic field on the Display Logic tab of the Edit Question modal of the Template Designer page now validates that there is not a missing operator (i.e. AND, OR) before and after parentheses, that a number or parenthesis is between operators, that an operator is not at the beginning or end of parentheses, and there is no more than one space between elements.

Improved validation of the Template Designer page

The Template Designer page of the Template Builder now gives you a red warning banner and highlights invalid sections or questions that need to be fixed before saving.

Improved handling of Entity_Is_Deleted error message

Improved error handling for the Template Designer Page of the Template Builder now informs the user of what specifically was deleted and how to resolve with the situation.

Improved Form Detail page to be more printer-friendly

The Form Detail page has been updated to be more printer-friendly for completed forms.

 Known Issues

Making Discoveries causing Lightning experience reload

When a user in Lightning Experience clicks Make Discoveries on the Form Detail page and then selects the Discoveries to be made on the subsequent page, a second Lightning Experience page loads inside the original lightning Experience page. Then the page automatically reloads to be a single page. This is related to the known Salesforce issue related to using PageReference with Lightning Experience that is only an issue in certain Salesforce patches.

Small Lightning experience text in Firefox

The drop down box that appears when the user begins typing in a Field Link Lookup (e.g. Account Id on the Contact object) when using Lightning Experience with the Firefox browser is smaller than normal.

Edit Forms does not validate Account ID as required in Asset Linked Section

In Edit Forms, the * appears next to the label for Account ID on the Asset Object but the form does not validate that the field has been completed in a Linked Section when the form is saved.

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