Spring 17

New Web Features

Registration Process

When a Sandbox is created or refreshed and the Youreka package is deployed that way, rather than through a Package install, allow the Registration page to handle all the details usually managed by the install.

Get Started Page

Improvements to uninstall link to remove Youreka-created metadata.

There is now a link that allows you to update all your existing templates to work correctly with the new version of mobile.

Note: This link will not appear if none of your templates need to be updated.

Linked Objects

Increased the maximum number of SObjects that can be linked to using Field Link type Questions to 10.

Streamline New Form Dialog

When creating a new Form and all necessary information is available, bypass the New Form Wizard and go straight to the Complete Form page. This may be because a Form is being created from the Form Template Detail page and no Field Links were used, or because all necessary information for the Form are passed in the URL from a custom button.

New Form Fieldset has been deprecated.

Allow for Forms up to 1000 Questions.

Template Builder

No longer saves while moving through discovery creation pages if no updates have been made.

Long text question default max size updates to 4000 characters.

Maximum number of questions per template limited to 1000 questions.

Form Template Detail

Minor UI improvements

Complete Forms

Minor UI improvements.

No longer saves while changing pages if no updates have been made.

Deleting Forms

Users can delete forms they don’t own if they have appropriate permissions.

Make Discoveries

Improved ‘Related To’ text for discoveries to be clearer. For example, if the Discovery is set to be related to the Account, the Discovery detail will then indicate which account it is related to in order to provide more clarity:

Discoveries Related To.jpg

Importing Templates

When importing a Template with a Template Image, a warning will appear during the import stating that the image needs to be reselected from the gallery.

Improvements to handle importing templates from different versions of Youreka.

User License Page

Show current Premium status and Expiration Date.

Add a Refresh Page Information link to pull the current licensing information on file. This can be used to immediately update the Premium status when it is updated by Synaptic AP.

Youreka License Page.jpg

Archived Forms

Show “Form has been archived”  in a more prominent banner and handle photos properly. Archived Form.jpg

Long Text Question

Changed default from 32,000 characters to 4,000.

Mobile Enabled for Templates

Default Mobile Enabled for Templates when publishing the Template rather than when creating it so that it’s not misleading in List Views.

Building Large Templates:

Add a field “Full Form Size” that reflects the size of the Template with its Questions and Question values so that a check can be done to see if the Template is too large for Mobile.

New Youreka Mobile Features

Mobile Card Redesign

Cards displaying Form or Template information on the New Form, Formsand Search tabs have been updated. The first two items in the mobile fieldset will display as the primary and secondary elements on the card. All additional fieldset items are hidden within an expandable dropdown on the card. The expandable segment is not displayed if there are only two items in the fieldset. The card also displays a customizable icon as described in the “Template Icons on Mobile” note.

Quick Save Optimizations

Quick Save only saves the current form’s answers to Salesforce. It is recommended that you use the Save button when exiting a form to perform a full sync of available Salesforce data to your device.

Downloading Forms

The mobile app’s Forms tab displays all forms owned and downloaded by the user. A user can download forms by searching for mobile available forms from the Search Tab. Selecting a form from the results list in the Search tab will download and display a form in the Forms tab.

Remove Downloaded Forms

Users can download forms that they do not own to their device. These forms appear in Forms tab alongside forms that the user owns. Downloaded forms can be removed by expanding the form details and tapping the ‘Remove From Device’ button. This button only appears on downloaded forms the user does not own.

Tracking Downloaded Forms

When a form is downloaded by a user, their user ID is added to the Mobile Available Users property on the form object. This can be used to track which users have a form that they do not own downloaded to their device. The user is removed from the list of Mobile Available Users when the user removes the form from their device (see Remove Downloaded Forms note).

New Search tab

As described in the Downloading Forms note, the Search tab is used to search Salesforce for Mobile Available forms. Typing a search string into the search box will query most fields (not including dates) on your mobile fieldset to return a relevant result. Already downloaded forms will be indicated as such, those that have not been downloaded can be selected and added to the device. A downloaded form can be removed on the Form tab as described in the Remove Downloaded Forms note.

Local Edit Notification

When a form has been edited offline, a notification will be displayed on the top of the Forms tab indicating how many forms now have local edits. This notification can be temporarily dismissed, but will return if the app is shut down and reopened. The forms which contain local edits will have an orange border, and also contain a card level notification that is visible by expanding the form details.

Template Icons on Mobile

Icons displayed on the mobile form and template cards can be customized by editing the Mobile Icon field on the Form Template object. Edit the field, entering the name of any of the ‘Custom Icons’ listed here to customize the icon displayed on mobile.

Mobile Image Editing

Photos captured from the mobile app are .jpeg files, the extension cannot be edited while editing the image name.

Checking your Mobile Version Number

A display of the mobile app’s version number is available on the side menu accessible form the forms list. Reference this version number to confirm you are using the most up to date version of Youreka Mobile.

Deep Linking to Youreka Forms

Youreka Mobile is now deep linking enabled. Use the deep link URL from the web or another app to open a form in Youreka Mobile. If the form is downloaded, it will be opened directly. If the user has not downloaded the form they will need to search for it and download it.

URL: yourekamobile://app/completeForms/__formId__
Geolocation tracking

Youreka Mobile now captures the user’s geolocation when a save or quick save occurs. In order to capture the location, the device’s geolocation permissions must be enabled on the device.

New Mobile Limits

General Improvements
  • Template images only download once to mobile, even if used across multiple templates.
  • Optimizations to use of State & Country picklists on mobile.
  • Long numbers will not be clickable as phone numbers.
  • Sync tab stats updated.
  • Mobile UI improved.
  • Correctly redirect to New Form tab after cancel of new form.
  • Dates that are invalid for Salesforce are now invalid on mobile forms.

Bug Fixes

  • E-signature question width has been standardized.
  • Photos taken on Android can now be edited multiple times.
  • Fixed text wrapping under checkbox and radio button question types.
  • Fixed message placement on form validation errors.
  • Fixed creating forms with linked sections on mobile.
  • Allow for syncing of more than 200 forms to the device.
  • Forms that only contain images no longer cause error on save.

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