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New Features

Attachment/Photo Question Type:

We’ve added a new question type ‘Attachment/Photo’. This question type allows the user to upload multiple attachments and/or photos related to a specific question on the template. Note: The max file size for uploading a photo and/or attachment is 37MB.

  • Browser Experience: The user can upload photos, attachments, or a mix of the two. If only photos are uploaded for a question, they’ll be visible on the Form Detail page as thumbnail images that will open in a gallery. If attachments are uploaded or a mix of photos and attachments they’ll be displayed as a list, clicking on an item will download the file.
  • Youreka Mobile App Experience: The user will be able to take and/or upload photos via the Youreka mobile app. The photos will be available in a photo gallery where they can be renamed or marked up! Marking up a photo is done via a freehand drawing tool that allows the user to draw attention to specific details in the photo. Photos can now also be renamed and deleted.
  • Salesforce1 Experience: The user will be able to take and/or upload photos via the Salesforce1 app. The photos will be available for viewing in a gallery from the form detail page only, and won’t have the mark up or editing ability available in our Youreka mobile app.
Template Images

We’ve added ANOTHER new question type! This one is related to Free Text. If you don’t remember, Free Text lets users add text to the template. There is no answer associated with it, just some text to give instruction/guidance to the user. Free Text has now become Text/Image, because sometimes an image just conveys your message better than text. Users can upload images to a universal image gallery in Template Designer. These images will be accessible across all of your templates. These images are great for reference images, diagrams, anything the user might want to see while completing the form. They can also be shown/hidden based on answers to other questions just like any other question type.

Form Detail – Navigation Menu

We’ve added a new navigation menu to the Form Detail Page. This menu can be accessed via the ‘Navigate To` button on the top-left of the page. This menu allows users to easily navigate to related records. In the web browser, users will always be able to return to the Form Template record. They’ll also be able to navigate to related field link records. A few additional notes:

  • Field link records will appear in the navigation menu, however linked section records will not.
  • Salesforce1 will include a navigation option to return to the Forms List instead of the Form Template Detail page.
Form Detail – Action Menu

We’ve added a new actions menu to the Form Detail Page. This menu can be accessed by clicking the gear icon on the top-right of the page. This menu collects several actions that were previously represented by individual buttons on the Form Detail page. As it was previously, certain actions are not always available, and depend upon the user permissions, and current state of the form.

Menu Actions include:

  • Archive/Unarchive
  • Public URL
  • Clone
  • Delete
  • Enable/Disable on Mobile
  • Edit Form Properties
  • View Form Properties
Shared Linked Sections

Shared Linked Sections allow for pre-populating Linked Sections. Any Salesforce Objects for the Linked Section that exist when the Form is created will generate a Linked Section automatically. Just like a regular Linked Section, a new section will create a new Salesforce record. For example, a Form with a Field Link to Account and a Shared Linked Section for Opportunities will pre-populate the Linked Sections with the Opportunities for the chosen Account when the form is created.

A few things to remember:

  • Deleting inherited linked section records won’t delete the original records.
  • Deleting additional linked sections that were added on the form will delete the linked records.
Conditional Visibility within Linked Sections 

Questions with Conditional Visibility are now possible within Linked Sections. In the Display Logic tab of the Edit Question modal on Template Builder, users can select “Conditional Visibility” and then make that question’s visibility dependent on the values of Picklist, Checkbox, and Multi-select Picklist questions within that same Linked Section. Then in Complete Forms, changing the value of a question only affects the visibility of questions within that same Linked Section and not inside other Linked Sections for that object.

Conditional Visibility in Linked Sections Constraints:

  • Database Required fields are prevented from having Conditional Visibility in order to prevent Salesforce save errors that would occur if the question was not visible on save.
  • The visibility of a question in a Linked Section can only be conditional based on the value of another question within that same Linked Section.

Minor New Features

Complete Forms

E-signatures now open in a modal to allow easier signing. Rotate to landscape view on mobile for a larger signing space.

Template Designer

Indentation and alignment question options are now icons.

Form Templates

New Form Templates are now mobile available by default.

New Form

You can add a URL parameter “formDetail=true” to the NewFormWizard page to redirect to the Form Detail page instead of Complete Form if all New Form fields are either pre-populated via URL parameters or none are required.

Salesforce1 Redirect After Save

Users can now add a URL in the Redirect_After_Save__c field to redirect users after completing forms. Previously users could only add a record ID.

Bug Fixes

Template Builder
  • On Form Templates with Linked Sections, opening the Template Preview twice no longer causes an error.
  • When a Template has a Field Link to an object that has no records, it can’t be published. Attempting to do so from the template builder in Simple mode, now gives the correct error message.
  • The section title maximum length is now being properly enforced on the section title input.
Form Detail
  • The Public URL modal on the Form Detail page now generates the proper URL for Public Sites that are part of sandboxes.
  • The New Form page of the Mobile App now properly displays a lookup input for Forms that have Field Links to Contract.
  • The alignment and width of Radio Button, Checkbox, and Long Text questions are now being properly displayed in the Mobile App on Android devices
  • Error messaging has been improved when errors exist on multiple pages.
  • User is blocked from logging out while offline.
Complete Form
  • Scrolling through the options on multi-select questions no longer deselects the already saved answers.
  • Linked Sections now support use with Cases and other standard objects.
  • Improved error handling.
Relationship Builder
  • Salesforce does not allow users to create lookup fields to the “CampaignMember” and “OpportunityLineItem” objects and so they have also been removed as options in the Relationship Builder.

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