Santa’s Little Helper 17

New Features

Field Service Lightning Support

We now support the new Service Appointment and Work Order objects that are part of Field Service Lightning. Service Appointments can be used in Field Links and Work Orders can be used in both Field Links and Linked Sections.

Public Templates now allow Attachments

Public Template users can now upload attachments of up to 3 MB. Internal users can still upload attachments of up to 37 MB.

Improved Form Navigation

A left-side navigation menu has replaced the page selector in the top bar. This new navigation menu allows users to view all pages/sections of the form and jump to specific sections on a page.

Improved iOS 11 Support

Scrolling and picklists now work better in iOS 11.

Improved Error Notification in Mobile

Forms with errors on them now display a red error icon in the Mobile Forms List to indicate the issue with the form.

Improved Mobile Sync in Orgs with more than 50,000 Forms

Youreka Mobile forms now sync properly when there are more than 50,000 forms in an org or when an individual device needs to sync up to 1,000 forms. A Mobile_Form_Share__c junction object has also been created for making Forms available on mobile to users who are not the Form’s owner. Existing user IDs in the Mobile_Available_Users__c Form field will be migrated to the new junction object as part of the version upgrade. Additional updates to the Mobile_Available_Users__c field will generate new Mobile_Form_Share__c records however removing user IDs will not remove sharing records

Bug Fixes

  • There is no longer an error loading form where there is a Field Link Lookup to a record that has been deleted.
  • Multiselect questions no longer require using the Ctrl key to select multiple options.
  • Required multi-select questions are now handled correctly.
  • An erroneous error for duplicate picklist values in Template Builder has been resolved.
  • Support for searching with Field Link Lookups has been improved.
  • Having more than 1000 forms on the Form Template detail page no longer causes an error. Instead, it only loads the first 100 forms and adds a load more button if there are more than 100 forms.
  • Field Links to numbers no longer cause an error.
  • Complete Form now has improved error messaging to facilitate self-diagnosis of issues.
  • Numbers and True/False values in the Mobile Template and Form field sets now display correctly.
  • Sections with questions that are parents of children in other sections that have already been deleted can also be deleted.
  • Template Builder now hides standard objects not suitable for Field Link questions.
  • Form Cloning now correctly checks permissions.
  • Field link triggers should now always be created while publishing Templates in Lightning Experience.




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