Lumberjack 17

New Features

Faster Mobile Syncing and Larger Templates on Mobile

Description – we’ve optimized the data downloaded to mobile. This efficiency gain will also allow for downloading larger templates and faster syncing

Lumberjack 17 Bug Fixes

  • We’ve improved spacing around warnings and errors on the Form Detail page.
  • The public templates page no longer caches, so adding new templates should appear automatically when revisiting the page.
  • You can now delete a section that has dependent questions if the parent and dependent questions are all contained in the same section.
  • In the Salesforce mobile app the e-signature background has been improved to provide better contrast and not appear disabled.
  • A minor fix was added to support read-only fields in linked sections.
  • Template images should now work correctly in all instances in communities.
  • Cloning a form should copy the answers for standard questions in linked sections.
  • We’ve improved the positioning of the ‘X’ icon to clear date questions.
  • We’ve made improvements to cloning large templates
  • Certain standard integer fields are now supported correctly in linked sections.
  • We’ve made minor improvements to handling form saving errors.

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