New Features

Mobile Cards

Mobile Cards are a new way to organize your user-experience on Youreka Mobile. You can now designate a primary object to contextualize your forms. This means if you primarily visit Accounts you can now browse your accounts, open them, and see only forms for that Account.


  • Easy to browse your primary object be it Accounts, Contacts, or another standard or custom object.
  •  Custom buttons for creating forms. You can select a template and pre-populate lookups, so you have more control over the forms your mobile users create.
  • Define sorting criteria for primary objects and forms
  • Field links to your primary object on new forms will be prepopulated
  • Filters to control which primary records are displayed
  • Display detailed information for your primary object with a fieldset
  • Deeplink to specific mobile card records

Mobile Cards can be configured on the Mobile Admin tab. NOTE: there is a limit of 250 mobile cards per device. Administrators can control the filtering and sort order of these records from the Mobile Admin tab.

Mobile Check-Ins

Mobile Check-Ins allow mobile users to check-in at a primary object location. This could mean arriving at a store/site (Account) or perhaps in an in-home visit (Contact). Whatever your primary object is you’ll know when your mobile users arrive and leave and have that data available in Salesforce. We’re also now collecting save data, so you’ll know when forms were saved and completed while onsite. Check-Ins can also be related to your primary object. Check-Ins can be configured on the Mobile Admin tab when Mobile Cards are enabled.

Mobile Distance Tracking and Routing

One of the new sorting options available with Mobile Cards is distance. Utilizing a geolocation or address (using data integration rules) Youreka Mobile can now display and sort by distances. This empowers your users to efficiently route to the nearest relevant location. Clicking on the distance will open Google Maps to route them to the designated address as well. Distance Tracking can be configured on the Mobile Admin tab. NOTE: The Google Maps app must be installed to utilize routing.

Mobile Form Sorting

You can now define the sort order for your forms in Youreka Mobile. You don’t have to utilize Mobile Cards to control your form sorting. By default, they are now sorted by Created Date instead of Form Template Name. Form Sorting can be configured on the Mobile Admin tab.

Mobile Offline Data Filters

Filters are now available to avoid taking all records offline for a selected object. These can be configured in Salesforce on the Mobile Admin tab.

In-Form Lookups

In-form lookups allow linked section records to populate field link lookups to other linked section records created on the same form. An example would be a having one linked section where you’re adding rooms to a house and another linked section with defects that you can relate to the newly added rooms, all while completely offline!

Minor New Features and Fixes

Template Builder

  • Fix for large number of state/country dependent questions
  • No longer display null pointer error on template that imported a question without a label
  • No error when adding a new template image to a managed template
  • Correctly support lookup filter

Photo Gallery

  • Display correct error message instead of ‘null’ when a saving error occurs

Template Cloning

  • Template cloning is now a global method accessible for other development teams

Template Validator

  • Now checks for duplicate question values

Template Statistics

  • Correction for displaying statistics for “Show All Forms”

Youreka Mobile

  • Top bar no longer cropped off after taking a photo on iOS
  • Fix for missing cursor on long text questions
  • Answer labels alignment corrected for radio-button questions
  • Fix for scrolling getting stuck and being unable to scroll the full form width
  • Fix for saving marked up photo in mobile while Chatter is disabled
  • Corrected sync issue that may result in a lost form if the data connection is regained mid-sync
  • Adjusted tooltip positioning
  • App appears full-screen on larger format iPhones
  • App will no longer crash after taking a photo in rare instances
  • Fix for screen zooming in when keyboard is displayed on specific iPhone models
  • Adjustment to display of long linked section card titles
  • Remove prompt for Bluetooth access
  • Fix for transparent options when selecting date and date-time questions with dark mode enabled in iOS
  • Field link lookups correctly disabled when no offline data exists, and user is offline
  • Closing or deleting a linked section card auto-saves the form
  • Quick Save is now available from the hamburger menu

Complete Forms

  • Fix for comparative validation in managed templates
  • Closing or deleting a linked section card auto-saves the form

Form Detail

  • When a photo is deleted the corresponding chatter feed should also be deleted

Lightning Web Component

  • Fix for error navigating away from the Forms LWC
  • Fix for intermittent Page Does Not Exist error on the Form LWC

Salesforce Mobile

  • Back button no longer opens the camera on iPad Pro

Youreka Permission Sets

  • Added missing permission for Salesforce Mobile app photos Visualforce page

New Metadata (for Profiles/Permission Sets)

The following metadata has been added in this release and should be included in any cloned/custom Permission Sets or Profiles related to Youreka.

Check In (new object)

  • All fields
  • New tab

Form Event (new object)

  • All fields

Discovery (existing object)

  • Discovery Contact

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