Frostburg 19

New Features

Lightning Web Components BETA

We have created several custom Lightning Web Components that can be embedded in a Lightning page.

  • Youreka Form allows you to create, edit, and view a form within a web component – this component accepts inputs from buttons and can also be triggered via platform events.
  • Youreka Forms Related List behaves as a related list, showing all forms related to current record. Clicking the “edit” button on a form in the list will open that form in the Complete Form view in the Youreka Form web component on that page. Clicking the “view” button on a form in the list will open that form in the Form Detail view in the Youreka Form web component on that page.
  • Youreka New Form Button allows you add buttons to a lightning page to create new forms within the Youreka Forms web component.

Detailed information on how to set up a lightning page using the new components can be found in the Youreka Technical Documentation here. NOTE: My Domain must be enabled in your org to use custom components.

Photo Gallery

The new Youreka tab, Photo Gallery, allows users to design filters which will return a gallery of photos captured using Youreka. For an individual photo, tags and comments can be now added. Learn how to browse photos using the photo gallery here.

Ability to Clone Questions

Questions (excluding field links) can now be cloned for quick re-use by clicking on the clone button in the main layout of Template Builder.

Enhanced Photo Markup on Mobile

After taking a photo using Youreka mobile user can markup the image. Previously users were able to draw on images. Now, users will be able to draw, apply predefined shapes, and add text to images.

Comparative Validation

Numeric questions (Number, percent, currency and field links to those types of fields) can be validated for a min/max value. Previously Youreka allowed for values to be fixed values – numbers typed in. With Frostburg the min/max values can be dynamic, based on the value of another answer in the form. For example, if your form has a question for “Number of widgets required immediately” and another, “Number of Widgets to order,” you can specify that the minimum value for “Number of widgets to order” must be greater than “Number of widgets required immediately.”

Minor New Features

Template Builder
  • Now loads faster and provides a loading modal until complete.
  • Support for more than 999 picklist values. Exceeding this limit should be considered carefully as it slows down the Complete Form page, especially when used in dependent logic.
Template Validator
  • Prompt user to delete a missing “Allow New” relationship. These usually come from imported templates or when a lookup of the Form object is not found.
Template Importer
  • Check for missing “Allow New” relationships and remove them during import.
Complete Form
  • Use thousands separator in display of number, percent, and currency questions.
  • Show a spinner when evaluating dependent logic as this can take some time, especially when it’s complex logic on slow mobile devices.
  • Add keyboard support for section navigation menu, and the questions types where it was missing; Multi-Select Picklists and Radio Button Lists. (508 Compliance Enhancements)
  • Attempting to complete a locked or archived form will now redirect the end user to the form detail page.
New Form
  • The retUrl parameter can now be used to direct users to a specified page after creating a new form.
  • Speed up “Prep for Offline”. Youreka mobile will now perform a selective sync to determine the subset of fields needed from each object being primed for use offline.
  • Deeplinks now support the ‘NEW’ parameter for allow new form relationships.


Form Detail
  • Fix display of very long Discovery Names.
  • Empty number question answers no longer display as 0.
Complete Form
  • Field link lookups to the User object no longer display inactive users.
  • On a cascade of an errors, avoid the “Too many SOQL statements” error so that the original error can be surfaced.
  • Improve load time for Complete Form for templates with a lot of dependent logic.
Mobile Admin
  • Object names will no longer display as ‘undefined’ when many are selected for offline use.
Template Import
  • Attempting to import large templates should now do so asynchronously instead of generating a CPU timeout error.
  • When converting a Read Only field link question to a regular question, remove the Read Only flag.
Template Builder
  • Prohibit static formulas for custom formulas. For example, “1+2” is no longer allowed to avoid confusion when really “ROW1 + ROW2” is intended.
  • Fix problem dragging a question from one column to another within the same section.
  • Fix “List Index out of bounds error” and “CPU timeout error” when opening Template Builder on Orgs with many custom objects.
  • Better handling of Country/State with an apostrophe in the name (eg Cote D’Ivoire).
  • Change warning in Edit Question modal when there are picklist entries with commas to hide the scroll bar.
  • Managed template relationships no longer have a preceding comma when stored on the form template record.
  • Fix dereference a null object error when using complex dependent picklists.
  • Large orgs should no longer receive a timeout error loading the Template Builder.
Form Template Statistics
  • Handle large number of forms (more than 1000) better.
  • When changing a template’s status from Drafting to Inactive, do not require a sync.
  • When saving large quantities of edited forms, avoid the “Unable to Lock Row” error.
  • Reduced number of fields required for “Prep for Offline”. Resolves issue when an object being synced has more that 1000 fields.
  • Fix handling of date/time while in daylight savings time when saving a time for a date outside of daylight savings time.
  • Marking up a photo on Android multiple times should no longer produce photo quality degradation.
  • Improved back button behavior on Android devices when a modal is open.
  • Improved splash imagery on iphoneX
Form Template Batch Jobs
  • The entire batch job no longer fails if one template causes an error. This applies to removing mobile available, auto-locking, and auto-archiving.
Form Clone
  • Form cloning now correctly re-inherits inherited linked sections.
Youreka Admin Permission Set
  • Adding missing permission for LaunchPad and DepLogic Visualforce pages

Known Issues

  • Users who are editing forms in the Frostburg mobile app in orgs which are not yet upgraded to Frostburg in Salesforce may see datetime answers which are inconsistent between the mobile device and desktop. This only occurs when editing previously saved and synced forms on the mobile device.

New Metadata (for Profiles/Permission Sets)

The following metadata has been added in this release and should be included in any cloned/custom Permission Sets or Profiles related to Youreka.

Question (existing object) – grant access to new fields below:

  • Maximum Value Comparison
  • Maximum Value Question Random Id
  • Minimum Value Comparison
  • Minimum Value Question Random Id
  • Validation Message

Visualforce pages – grant access to the new page below:

  • Disco.PhotoGallery

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