Flying High 18

New Features

Salesforce Lightning Design System (SLDS) Upgrade

This release of Youreka upgrades SLDS to v2.5.0 (Spring ’18), which causes some minor changes to the Youreka UI. This upgrade changes the SLDS namespace, which could cause breaking changes for users that have implemented Custom CSS. To get your Custom CSS working with the latest design system:

  • Update all references to the SLDS namespace class “.slds “ to “.slds-scope” (ex. “.slds button.slds-button” becomes “.slds-scope button.slds-button”)
  • Update all references to SLDS CSS classes with double dashes “–” to use a single underscore “_” (ex. “.slds-p-left–small” becomes “.slds-p-left_small”)
Creating PDFs of Forms

This feature allows users to quickly generate PDF downloads of forms on the web and in mobile. A Template must have the Enable Form PDFs option turned on in order to be able to create PDFs from any of the template’s forms. From a web browser, users can select Generate PDF form the drop down menu on the Form Detail page. This will generate a PDF which is automatically downloaded in the browser. From the mobile app, users can open a form and select Generate PDF form the side menu where Save and Navigation are located. This will prompt the user to email a PDF of the form.

View Dependent Question Logic Structure

Users can now visualize their template’s dependency logic by selecting the View Dependent Question Logic option on the Template Detail page. This visualization shows all of the relationships between questions using dependent logic, with arrows identifying the hierarchy of the logic. This is useful for understanding complex relationships and identifying errors, such as circular dependencies.

Automatically Create Discoveries

Users now have to option to automatically generate Discoveries any time a full save is completed on their form. To enable this feature on a particular template, check the Autocreate Discoveries option on the Template Detail page. Once enabled, Discoveries will be created or removed each time a from (from the enabled template) is saved.

Mobile Template Image Zoom

Users can now view template images in full-screen in the Youreka mobile app. Clicking on a template image will now open it full-screen for optimal viewing. It can be dismissed to return to the form.


Bug Fixes

  • Allow saving of multi-select picklists that are hidden by dependency.
  • Fix Mobile Admin page display issues for certain objects.
  • Standardize rendering of lookup inputs on Form Detail page.
  • Fix IE11 JavaScript error.
  • Update Permission Set access to certain Linked Section fields.
  • Increase Template Image upload size limit from 300kb to 600kb.
  • Improve Linked Section filter logic “Where” clause validation.
  • Fix error created in Youreka when Chatter is turned off.



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