Dream 16

New Features

Console Support

Console support allows Youreka users to create Youreka Smart Forms that can be viewed and edited in the Salesforce Console. All Form Detail and Edit actions are available, but the Template Builder is not currently available in the Console.

New Form Wizard

The New Form Wizard streamlines the Form creation process. If the Template does not have any Field Links on it when the user clicks the “New Form” button on the Form Template Detail page, he or she is taken directly to the Form Detail page. However, if the Template does have field links, the user is taken through several prompts asking him or her to select the record(s) to which the form will be linked.

Salesforce1 Support (BETA)

Salesforce1 support allows Youreka users to create Youreka Smart Forms for use in the Salesforce1 mobile app. To allow navigation to Youreka Forms in Salesforce1, admins should go to Setup > Administer > Mobile Administration > Salesforce1 Navigation and add “Forms List” to the selected Navigation Menu Items list.

Selectable Question Values in Question Dependent Logic (BETA)

When a Youreka user goes to the Display Logic tab on the Edit Question modal in Template Builder, he or she will be able select the picklist values for the dependent question logic instead of having to manually type them.

Streamlined Form Detail Page (BETA)

The streamlined Form Detail page allows for easier reading and printing of completed forms by allowing Long Text and Multi-select Picklists to expand so their full content can always be seen. Other input controls such as picklist arrows have also been hidden on this page so inputs do not appear editable. In keeping with the design on other Youreka pages, the “Edit” button is now blue to denote its importance as the next primary action button.

Streamlined Form Template Detail Page (BETA)

The streamlined Form Template Detail page allows for easier navigation to the page. The Template Detail page now includes a summary of the number of sections and questions. The two main actions of “Edit” Form Template and create a “New Form” from the template have been emphasized by their central placement on the page. Other action buttons such as “Export”, “Publish” (formerly “In Use”), “Copy for a New Version”, and “Delete” have all been moved into the actions menu to the right of the Template name. The functioning of buttons on this page has changed too. For example, if a user clicks “Edit” on a published Template that has no forms, it automatically un-publishes the Template and takes the user to the Template Builder. However, if the user clicks “Edit” on a published Template that has already has forms, it prompts the user to Copy for a New Version. Likewise, clicking “New Form” on an unpublished template prompts the user to publish the Template before creating the new form from it.

Streamlined Template Builder User Interface (BETA)

The streamlined Template Designer page of the Template Builder allows users to hide the Smart Features of Linked Sections and Discoveries when they are not being used. This also allows templates to be published directly from the Template Designer page. Design elements such as placeholder sections and questions have also been added to help guide new users on how to create their first template. Finally, in keeping with design conventions in the rest of Youreka, the “Publish” and “Continue” buttons have been made blue to denote that they are the next primary actions.

Updated Get Started Page (BETA)

The updated Get Started page streamlines the registration process into a single “Register” button click. It also adds a Get Started Video to introduce new users to creating their first template. Finally, the user also has the option of creating a blank Template from the page or creating a Template based on one the included Sample Templates.

URL Parameters (BETA)

Youreka users are now able to add a field link record id variable to a form URL in order to automatically link a form to specific records. An example URL would be:


Bug Fixes

Fixed “<” and “>” creating duplicate question values

Creating picklist question values with the “<” or “>” characters no longer creates duplicate picklist question values.

Fixed inability to delete saved AccountID in a Linked Section

Users are now able to delete a saved AccountID answer that was created as part of a Linked Section when completing a form.

Fixed URL inputs not wrapping on Form Detail page

Long URLs in the URL input on the Form Detail page now properly wrap and no longer extend outside the input.

Fixed text not wrapping on Make Discoveries pages

Discoveries with long names or descriptions now properly wrap within the tables on the Form Detail and Make Discoveries pages.

Fixed required long text validation on Quick Save

Empty Long Text fields that are required now no longer show a validation error when Quick Save is clicked.

Fixed trigger creation error for objects with very long names

Objects with very long names no longer cause trigger errors.

Fixed ID displaying instead of record name on lookup fields

The record name now shows on the Form Detail page for lookup fields instead of the record ID.

Fixed Locked and Archived checkboxes when Form is locked

Forms that are locked now have the proper values in the “Locked” and “Archived” checkboxes on the Forms List on the Form Template Detail page.

Fixed save error when Field Link is hidden

An error no long happens on a form with a Field Link field whose visibility is dependent on another question. In previous versions, if the user chooses an option in a parent question to make the Field Link visible, enters information in the Field Link field, then chooses a different option in the parent question to make the Field Link question not visible, and saves the form, an error would occur.

Improved accuracy of Field Link count for non-premium

The mechanism for counting the number of field links on a template in non-premium versions of Youreka now counts more accurately by better handling when question types are changed back and forth between Field Links and other question types.

Known Issues

Repeatedly deleting and adding Linked Sections

When filling out a form, if the user adds, then deletes, and then adds and then deletes the same linked section several times it can cause an error on save.

Work-around: If you create a linked section, delete it and re-create it again, Quick Save the form and refresh the page to prevent the error from occurring and to prevent the potential loss of information.

Dependent state picklists in Template Builder Preview

In orgs with State and Country picklists enabled, the dependent picklist options for states (e.g. Alaska through Wyoming in the state picklist when United States is selected in the country picklist) are not visible in the Preview on the Template Designer page of Template Builder.

Work-around: The dependent state picklist options will be visible on the forms once the form template has been published.

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