Dream Weaver 17

New Features

Formula Fields:

  • You can now include standard Salesforce formula fields in your templates! They can be added to your template just like any other field link field. These will appear as read-only questions with any button to recalculate their value. Not all formula formats are supported. For example, images, links, and other formats will be displayed as plain text. Recalculating a formula requires internet connectivity on mobile.

Read Only Fields:

  • Field link questions can now be set to read-only. This allows you to include field link fields that you may want the user to be able to reference but not change. A new checkbox is available in the Template Builder to toggle this option on/off.

Question Tooltips:

  • You can now add tooltips/hints for questions that will appear when hovering over an icon next to the question. These can be added in the Template Builder for all question types, and are supported on all platforms.

Barcode Scanner:

  • You can now scan barcodes to populate lookup fields in the Youreka mobile app. This option can be configured for all field link lookups in the Template Builder (for more details please consult the Youreka Academy). A new scanner button will be available next to the question in mobile to launch the barcode scanner. NOTE: barcodes scan to UPC-A not EAN-13 format.

New Form – Pass-Through URL:

  • A new parameter `passThroughRetURL` can be added to the newformwizard url. This parameter will be used to redirect the user after they’ve completed the new form.
    • Include `passThroughRetURL` parameter within any link/button/action to launch the New Form Wizard (ex. `&passThroughRetURL=/INSERT_RECORD_ID`).
    • Once all required fields are completed for the new form, click `Complete the New Form` (not necessary if those fields are not passed on the URL as well), upon saving the form you’ll be redirected to the record provided in the `passThroughRetURL` parameter.

Form Name:

  • The form name (auto-number) is now displayed at the top of the form while completing the form and viewing the Form Detail page.

Salesforce1 Form Detail Deep Link to Mobile App:

  • There is now a link to open the form in the mobile app while viewing the Form Detail page in Salesforce1. This link can be accessed via the sprocket action menu.

Bug Fixes

  • Template Images have been updated to display correctly in public forms.
  • URL and email question types are now displayed as clickable links on the Form Detail page.
  • Several improvements have been made to the New Form page to better support Lightning Experience and other use cases.
  • The object name displayed while creating field links in linked sections has been updated to be more intuitive.
  • We made minor cosmetic fixes in the Template Builder.
  • Form Cloning no longer clones the most recent mobile save location.
  • In mobile, clicking the expanded section of a form in the forms list now correctly opens the form.
  • We’ve relaxed the requirements for URL values to fit with Salesforce database requirements – http:// is no longer necessary.
  • The broken icon link now displays correctly for all linked sections that are no longer associated with a related record.
  • Instances, where the date-picker calendar is cut off on certain forms, has been corrected.
  • An issue in the Template Builder where the user received a false message that they could not delete a parent question even when the question no longer had any children questions has been fixed.
  • Clicking outside the modal to name photos in the Android mobile app no longer dismisses the modal accidentaly.
  • In the mobile app, the modal prompting a user to sync after regaining their internet connection is no longer dismissed without user action.
  • Minor cosmetic fixes have been made in the mobile app.
  • We’ve updated the keyboard in the iOS mobile app to have a ‘Done’ option to dismiss the keyboard.
  • We’ve improved the resolution of mobile photos while still maintaining a small image size.
  • We’ve corrected a few instances where the field length of the related field was not being enforced while completing forms.
  • You can no longer publish templates that don’t have any sections and/or questions.
  • We’ve fixed an issue where long forms were not displaying correctly in Salesforce1.
  • The header should no longer jump while scrolling down a form in Salesforce1.
  • Clearing the local photos in the mobile app now presents a warning prior to clearing the photos.
  • We’ve fixed an issue where the search results were not updated correctly in certain scenarios in the mobile app.
  • Attachment/Photo questions are not available for public forms. Attempting to make a template with an attachment/photo question available for public forms will present the user with an error message.
  • We’ve added a link to the Get Started page if you’re having trouble registering with some tips.
  • We’ve implemented various fixes to support IE/Edge browsers.

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