Dream Catcher 17

New Features

New Licensing Model:

  • We’ve restructured our licensing model and updated our ‘Youreka Licenses’ tab to reflect these changes. More information regarding our licensing model can be found here: youreka.io/plans. The legacy licensing page can still be accessed via a button at the top of the new licensing page inside the application.

Bug Fixes

  • Improved support for communities in the web and mobile apps. This includes navigation fixes and support for uploading files.
  • Added better support for warning when you may lose changes in Lightning Experience both in the Template Builder and Complete Forms components.
  • The iOS mobile app no longer renders a black screen when bringing up the control panel in landscape view.
  • We’ve added clearer instructions while taking photos in SF1 on iOS.
  • There are several improvements to the Forms List page in SF1.
  • You can now clear out the date and date/time fields once you’ve entered a value with a new button.
  • We’ve tweaked the tab order in our app to reflect most customer preferences.
  • Scenarios, where required photo questions were not always required, have been addressed.
  • We’ve improved support for template images in communities.
  • We’ve addressed an issue where not all relevant forms were downloaded to the mobile app.

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