Davidsonville 19

New Features

Form Generator

We’ve added a new feature to mass-create Forms for a Template. Forms can be created immediately, in the future, or on a recurring schedule. They can also be filtered to generate Forms based on user-defined criteria. The feature is available from the Form Template Detail page action menu by selecting “Generate Forms”. For more information, please see our Youreka Academy article.

Support for Additional Master-Detail Objects in Linked Sections

Non-reparentable master-detail child objects are no longer blacklisted from linked sections. Objects like WorkOrderLineItem are now available to be used in Linked Sections.

Inherited Values

Inherited values are a new feature available in Linked Sections for Field Link questions. If the Linked Section has a lookup to another object you can pull values in from the selected lookup record to populate fields in a Linked Section record. An example is a WorkOrderLineItem Linked Section with a lookup question to Product. It could populate WorkOrderLineItem fields with values from the selected Product, like price, in real-time while completing the Form. These read-only values will then be saved on the WorkOrderLineItem field. Inherited Values will work offline if you cache the the object you intend to lookup to via the Youreka Mobile Admin tab.  For more information, please see our Youreka Academy article.


LaunchPads act as image maps for creating Forms. Now you can present your end user with an image to help them determine a Form they should create.  The new LaunchPad Builder allows users to upload an image and create touch areas on the image related to specific Templates. You can also define Global and Filtered lookups. An example is uploading an image of a store layout. Then you can create Touch Areas with Templates for the bakery, deli, and produce sections. Next you can define a Global lookup as the Account(store). Since it’s Global, you are only required to select it once to complete several Forms. You can then tap different Touch Areas of the layout image and it will generate a Form for the associated Template. If there are additional Field Links for that Template, they are filtered specific to the selected Account(store). For more information, please see our Youreka Academy article.

PDF Updates

We’ve made significant improvements to our PDF functionality. It’s now more robust and includes the attached images/photos in an Appendix to the Form. All 2 column Forms are displayed as a single column in PDFs. For more information, please see Youreka Limits document.

Form Lifecycle

In order to help our customers better track and manage their Forms. We’ve added a few things to help:

  • A new Form Status field (formula field) on the Form object
  • Form Status Tracker Bar on the Form Detail page
  • Updated buttons when completing a Form:
  • Save & Close – Quick Save has been removed, Save & Close allows you to still save a partially completed Form but then closes the Form. A quick save still runs between page changes when the Form has been updated. Save & Close is not available on public site forms.
  • Submit – The old Save button has been replaced by Submit.  You can still override the label of the button. Submitting a Form validates that all required fields are populated, and signals that the Form has been completed.
  • New Form list views for all Form statuses
  • The ability to schedule removing Forms from mobile devices a set number of days after submission from the Form Template detail page
  • The ability to schedule locking of submitted Forms after a set number of days from the Form Template detail page
  • The ability to schedule archiving of locked Forms after a set number of days from the Form Template detail page
  • Fields that track the first user to submit a Form and the date/time of that submission.
  • For new Templates, the defaults for Auto Remove From Mobile, Auto Lock and Auto Archive are 1 day, 90 days, and never, respectively. These defaults can be changed in the custom setting Youreka Public Settings.

These new features will offer more insight and control into the Form lifecycle.

Improved Mobile Syncing

Youreka mobile now only syncs when it needs to.  If it determines new and/or updated Forms or Templates need to be downloaded or uploaded it will sync.

Mobile Photo Updates

The default mobile photo resolution is now a maximum of 750×750, previously it was 500×500. There is also a new feature for Attachment/Photo questions in the Template Builder to default photos name to be the current date-time. This will skip the prompt for the photo name after each photo is taken for that question.

Mobile Deep Links

A new parameter &newForm=true is available for deep links. This can allow deep links to create new Forms while offline in the Field Service Lightning application or Salesforce Mobile (by populating a formula field with a link). For more information about deep links please consult our Youreka Academy article.

Fixes / Minor Updates

  • We’ve fixed an issue with displaying country/state dependent picklists.
  • Using the Android back button while completing a Field Link lookup question no longer causes the app to hang.
  • An issue with Prep for Offline Data not providing an error when the user doesn’t have correct access has been fixed.
  • We now skip the New Form confirmation page if no field link lookups are required.
  • We now show Form Status on the Form cards in the Forms list.
  • The photo gallery icon should never wrap to a second line.
  • Field link lookup questions no longer appear disabled.
Complete Forms
  • Users should be able to complete Forms without issue in Customer Service (Napili) Communities.
  • Extra spacing at the top of Radiobutton and Checkbox question types has been removed.
  • We’ve made an update to the create/edit rights for Field Links.
  • We’ve fixed an error with Allow New Field Links for the Case object.
Template Builder
  • The maximum size for a Template Image has been increased to 1.1mb.
  • We’ve made cosmetic updates to selecting picklist values for display logic.
  • An issue with Custom Formulas in Task Sections has been fixed.
  • Missing icons in Firefox have been restored.
  • Publishing Form Templates no longer always creates/updates the Field Link triggers. This allows non-Salesforce admin users to publish Templates if other Templates with the same Field Link objects have previously been published.
  • The Forms list on the Form Template Detail page now displays the Form Status column instead of locked and archived.
  • Cloning a Form now correctly clones the Mobile Available setting.
  • Template Validator now correctly checks Task Section dependency.
  • Template Validator has improved messaging.
  • Form Template Detail page now shows a Form count.

Limits and Known Issues

  • Images only render if under 2.5 MB
  • Images only render PNG/JPG/JPEG file formats
  • Do not render certain Free Text styling options
  • E-signatures do not render in IE11
  • In Safari, use the browser print option to download the PDF
  • The maximum characters rendered for any one answer is 1,500 characters
  • Photos uploaded through the web, or taken through Salesforce mobile, may render in the wrong orientation
  • Attachment/Photo questions with a mix of photos and other files may not render correctly in the Appendix
  • If you encounter an error downloading PDFs please consult our troubleshooting article.
Inherited Values
  • If using Products, you can only have 1 Pricebook
  • You cannot use the relationship used for sharing for inherited values
  • Salesforce read-only fields cannot inherit values (formula fields for example)
Form Lifecycle
  • Forms created in mobile are always assumed to be In Progress until submitted when the mobile app is online.
Form Generator
  • Not supported in IE11
  • Maximum LaunchPad Image size is 1.2 MB with a max resolution of 1024×1024 and minimum resolution of 256×256
  • LaunchPad Builder not supported in IE11
Linked Sections
  • Objects with 2 non-reparentable Master-Detail relationships are still blacklist from Linked Sections.

New Metadata (for Profiles/Permission Sets)

These were added in this release and should be included in any cloned/custom Permission Sets or Profiles related to Youreka.

Form Template (existing object)

Grant access to new fields below:

  • Auto archive days
  • Auto lock days
  • Remove mobile available days
Form (existing object)

Grant access to new fields below:

  • Form generation job
  • Status
  • Originally submitted by
  • Originally submitted date
  • Form Template (this should already have been editable but please confirm for all users)
Question (existing object)

Grant access to new fields below:

  • Inherited value field
  • Inherited value relationship
  • Auto name photos
Form Generation Job (new object)

Grant access to all fields.

LaunchPad (new object)

Grant access to all fields and new tab.

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