Crofton 18

New Features

Template Analytics and Data Export

A new page has been added that allows users to quickly analyze answer data across forms for a template as charts or a .csv export. The page is available from the “View Charts / Export Answers” option in the drop-down menu on the Template Detail page. Questions with structured values (Picklist, Checkbox List, etc.) can be chosen to generate bar and pie charts. Additionally, users can go to the Export Data tab and view an exportable .csv of all the answers on existing forms for that template.  The export will have all Form Template questions as columns in the export and each form and it’s answers are rows.

Note: There are limitations to the data that’s capable of being exported via the Export Answers feature. Questions in Linked Sections and Archived forms are not included in the dataset. Exports of answer data for certain question types are modified for text outputs (E-signature, Photo/Attachment and Long Text).

Custom Date & Number Validation

When adding a Number, Percent, Currency, Date, or Date/Time question to a template, a user can now specify custom validation through minimum or maximum values, with custom error messages for date and date/time questions.

New Template Preview Options

Additional options for previewing a template have been added to the Template Builder. Users can now also preview their form as it would appear on a tablet or mobile phone when using the Youreka Mobile Android or iOS app.

Template Validation

If you’ve ever had a question that is field linked to picklist value, you may have changed the picklist values for your Salesforce field.  All published Youreka Form Templates with field links to that field will not inherit the changes to the field’s picklist values.  This new feature will allow you to update the Form Template to adopt those new picklist values.

More in-depth error checking has been built in to the Template publishing feature, whether publishing from the Template Builder or Form Template Detail page. If a publishing error occurs from the Form Template Detail page, a notification appears to help either automatically fix an error or identify steps that can be taken to resolve the error.

The validation can be run at any time outside of the publishing functionality by choosing “Validate Template” option in the drop-down menu on the Form Template Detail page. In this scenario, the validation can also be used to fix some of the errors that are found.

Youreka Academy Links

Links to helpful information within the Youreka Academy have been added to the Template Builder. Click on the “?” icon to be directed to helpful content about the relevant feature.

New User Onboarding

In both Template Builder and the Youreka Mobile app, helper notifications have been added to guide users on their initial interactions. On Template Builder, the notification guides users to add multiple questions and explore different question types and other features.


Fixes / Minor Updates

  • Mobile
    • Formatting of error messages has been improved.
    • Loading spinner notifications have been updated to show information on what process is running while the spinner is up.
    • Improved larger UI for various inputs and buttons, expanding them to be friendlier for mobile users.
    • Fixed side menu navigation error.
    • Various deep link fixes were implemented to improve reliability in edge case scenarios.
    • Salesforce App – Complete Forms UI updates have been made, including fixing label overlap in certain scenarios.
    • Tooltip links have been fixed within Linked Sections.
    • Descriptive text has been added and displays when no Forms or Templates have been synced to the mobile device.
    • Edited dependent questions on a previously published template are now correctly synced to mobile.
    • Authorization issues in certain scenarios have been fixed.
    • Improvements have been made to error handling when items have been deleted in Salesforce.
    • Barcode scanning button has been disabled when the device is offline.
    • A save button has been added after the last section on a form to make saving easier.
    • Improvements to messaging around use of external soups when creating forms offline has been added.
  • Complete Forms
    • Discoveries are now ordered alphabetically based on the Discovery name.
    • Users without edit rights will see an error notification when trying to open a form.
    • A fix has been added to ensure the Hidden By Dependency field is set to true for Field Link questions when necessary.
    • Various UI updates, including fixes to radio buttons.
    • Discoveries will only be created on save, and not on insert of a form.
    • Linked sections on large forms should now save without error.
    • Validation on Field Links to Number fields adheres to both user defined and Salesforce validation rules.
  • Template Builder
    • Max scores for Discoveries will include two calculations, one for all related questions and one only for visible, related questions.
    • Users are warned when deleting the parent question value of a dependent child question.
    • Changing a picklist value will now automatically update dependent questions to be dependent on the new value.
    • Users are warned if deleting sections or questions causes Custom Formulas to break.
    • Lookups to Contacts have been packaged to make creating Linked Sections easier.
    • Minor improvements to usability of Task Section.
    • Scrolling of modal when adding a Managed Template has been fixed.
    • Required questions that create records cannot be set to Read Only.
  • Misc.
    • Permission Set – The packaged permission sets have been modified to include the bundled lookup fields from form to related objects (form_account, form_case, form_contact, form_opportunity).
    • Get Started – UI has been updated to help users activate the product and to correctly display error messages.
    • Cloning Template – navigation discrepancy between Lightning Experience and Classic has been fixed.
    • Updating tasks should now correctly update task section answers.
    • Deleting Templates from a list view is allowed if there are no related forms.
    • Fixes to Template Import where a field does not exist.
    • Error handling has been improved on the Youreka Licensing page.

Known Issues

  • We’ve defined a limit for the maximum number of forms/templates that can be synced on the mobile app. Please see our limits documentation for further details.
  • When downloading a Form from the search tab, the Date/Time value is incorrect if the value was entered by a user in a different time zone. Press the “Sync Now” button after downloading to correct the value before proceeding.
  • For cloned managed templates, a new question can’t be added to the existing discovery rules on discovery rule/ discovery rule group page. To add a new one, clone the existing discovery rule/ discovery rule group.

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