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New Features

Mobile Sync on Opening App

The Youreka Mobile app now automatically checks if new/updated forms need to be downloaded upon resuming the app. Every time you leave the application, then return to it, it will download new forms automatically if connected to the internet. Another benefit is realized using deep links from other applications. Deep linked forms will now download automatically if the linked form is available for the user but not yet downloaded to the device.

Updated Get Started Experience

We’ve refreshed the get started experience to help onboard new Youreka users. We now introduce users to completing forms in Youreka Mobile.

Create New Form with Deep Link (relationships required)

When a new form is created and has all required field link relationships, with the URL parameter &DeepLink=true it will redirect to the form in Youreka Mobile. This can be used in the Salesforce Mobile App (Salesforce1). Example button URL:


Fixes / Minor Updates

  • Managed Templates – dependent questions should now work correctly in all scenarios
  • Template Builder – if no managed templates are available an appropriate message is displayed when trying to add one
  • Complete Forms – entering currency values of 0 now display as 0 upon re-opening instead of being empty
  • Complete Forms – clicking tooltips that contain links works correctly now
  • Complete Forms – custom formulas now auto-calculate correctly in linked sections
  • Public Templates – public templates cannot contain task sections
  • Dependent Logic Chart – viewing dependent question logic now works correctly in Internet Explorer 11
  • Youreka Mobile – New forms are now mobile available by default if the template is mobile available
  • Youreka Mobile – the work order object is now available for offline
  • Youreka Mobile – unlocked forms are now available in mobile even when the template is inactive
  • Youreka Mobile – number question types now default to the number data entry keyboard
  • Youreka Mobile – partner community users should now be able to save photos
  • Form PDFs – PDF generation has been improved to be more cross-browser compatible
  • Complete Forms Permission Set – permission has been added to a previously missing field
  • Field Links – updating records (ex. Contacts) that have related field link answers now works correctly even if one of the field link questions related field has been deleted from the object.

Known Issues

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