Arctic Cool 18

New Features

Shared Linked Section Filters

Youreka Admins may now create filters while building the Template to determine which Shared Linked Sections appear on forms. For example, if the Template had a Shared Linked Section for Contacts that were related to an Account, then the Admin could create filters limiting forms to only load Contacts with a Mailing Address in Maryland.

Offline Library

Youreka Admins can now select important objects containing records that may need to be referenced while the Mobile App end users are offline. For example, an Admin may include Accounts in the Offline Library so that end users can create new Forms that are related to Accounts while they are offline. Another example is including Products in the Offline Library, allowing end users to add Inventory to an Account while offline where the Inventory is a junction object between Accounts and Products. With the Product list available offline, the end user may then select from Product records without being connected to the internet.

Note: Shared Linked Sections will not inherit records offline.

Reorder Question Values

Youreka Admins may re-order question picklist values in the Template Builder without having to delete them first. A special thanks to Kaitlin Draper for recommending this feature to us!

Super Tooltips

Tooltips can now have formatting such as bold text and bulleted lists as well as links and images.

Bug Fixes

  • The screen no longer goes black after taking a photo in landscape orientation on an iPad.
  • A scroll position error no longer happens in the Mobile App on iOS when a form validates as having a required field.
  • Field Link picklist values are now synced to the values of the new org when a Template is imported into that org.
  • The keyboard controls are now hidden on the Mobile App on iOS when clicking on date and date/time inputs.
  • The navigation error for an unregistered org in Lightning Experience has been fixed.
  • An error no long occurs when deleting Shared Linked Sections from the Complete Forms page.
  • The sync modal now appears when the mobile device reconnects to the internet while in the Photo modal in the Mobile App.
  • Forms completed on Public Sites are now able to create Discoveries when they are saved.




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