Annapolis 18

New Features

Live Custom Formulas (BETA)

Users can now build custom Javascript formulas for number, currency, and percent question types. They can be used for standard and field link questions. The question will then appear as read-only and be calculated automatically. You can also incorporate rollup functionality through linked sections (sum/product/difference/average). These formulas work in the browser, as well as online and offline in the Youreka mobile app. For more information on known limitations please review our documentation.

Support for Einstein Image Recognition / Sentiment / Intent (BETA)

Youreka now supports integration with Einstein. Image Recognition can be used to categorized photos using Einstein Vision models. Sentiment analysis can be done using a pre-built sentiment model. Intent analysis can be done using an Einstein Intent model. Intent and Sentiment analysis can be done for long text field link and standard questions. Vision analysis can be done for Attachment/Photo questions. For more information on Einstein please visit For more information on setting up the Einstein/Youreka integration please review our documentation.

Managed Templates

Managed Templates are reusable Template building blocks that can be dropped onto Standard Templates. All Sections, Questions, Discovery Rules, and Discovery Rule Groups of the Managed Templates will appear on the Standard Template. Managed Templates themselves cannot have any Forms of their own. For more information please review our documentation.

Discoveries/Insights Redesign and Mobile Support

We’ve made a few discovery updates:

  • We’ve designed how Discoveries are displayed on the Form Detail page. When a Discovery has been made for a form it now shows in a card along with any Einstein insights (assuming Einstein has been configured).
  • You can now change the fields that are displayed on the Discovery cards. The fields displayed are driven by a field set on the Discovery object (Insight_Cards).
  • Youreka Mobile now supports generating Discoveries and Einstein results (while online). These results are available in the side menu of complete form page by selecting the ‘View Insights’ option and on the forms list.
Mobile CSS

Custom template CSS that was previously only supported in the browser is now also supported in the Youreka mobile app.

Discovery Scores

Youreka now provides discovery score information for each discovery that has been created for the form. These can also be added to the Discovery field set to be displayed on the Discovery card. For additional details please review our documentation.

Deep Link Format Change

We’ve updating our deep linking plugin used to allow contextual linking to the Youreka Mobile app. The new format is:

This new format should be used for all deep linking.

Task Sections

A new section type (Task Section) is available in Template Builder. This allows users to create multiple Task records while completing a form. These sections can also be conditionally displayed based on dependent logic. For example, you could only show a task section based on a specific question’s answer. You can also have multiple task sections on the same template. Tasks created through task sections are related to their Form by default and if no owner is specified owned by the user completing the form.

Required Linked Sections

You can now require that linked sections have at least one record via a new option in the Template Builder.

Mobile Improvements

We’ve made several updates to improve the mobile experience. We’ve also made stability improvements, and enhancements to the sync process. While syncing you will now see status messages to give insight into what process is running.

Mobile Button Label Overrides

There are new fields on the Form Template object that support template-specific label overrides for menu options in the mobile app. These include: Quick Save, Save, Cancel, Generate PDF, and View Insights.

Rich Free Text Questions

The Free Text question type now supports rich text.

Bulk Form Creation

Form creation in bulk now handles much higher volumes. For an example of how to create forms in bulk, please visit the Youreka Academy.

Bug Fixes

  • We’ve reverted the standard question label color back to blue. It was previously updated to grey to match a Lightning Design System update.
  • There have been several fixes to address mobile saving errors, including saving un-synced photos.
  • A fix has been made to support PDF generation for forms with multi-select picklists with no values selected.
  • A few fixes to support the new Lightning Design System updates in the Salesforce App (Salesforce1)
  • The Mobile Admin tab should now appear as part of the Youreka App.
  • We’ve fixed an issue where an e-signature box was scrolling incorrectly in the Youreka Mobile app.
  • A file corruption issue when uploading .docx and .xlsx files has been resolved.
  • When adding/editing a question in the Template Builder, it no longer scrolls back to the top.
  • Errors on the Youreka Licensing page are no longer truncated and should be formatted correctly.
  • The size of the question value text box has been decreased in Template Builder to eliminate the need for horizontal scrolling.
  • The Free Text, Image, and Space question type has been merged into one ribbon item inside the Template Builder (Text/Space/Image)
  • When adding a tooltip to a question in Template Builder a character count is now provided.
  • Minor improvements to the dependent logic diagram.
  • Full URLs should now work correctly for return URLs in communities.
  • Dates are now saved correctly in all instances in the Youreka mobile app regardless of time zone.
  • When completing a Form in the Lightning Console, the form’s subtab should close on Cancel and Full Save.
  • A NetworkID error has been resolved for Customer Community Plus mobile users.
  • An error blocking the creation of Simple Discoveries in certain scenarios has been resolved.
  • Validation errors will be displayed on save of a form that violates custom field validation rules.
  • Populating lookups when creating New Forms should work correctly in the Salesforce Mobile app.
  • Imported field link checkbox questions now always maintain their True/False question values.
  • Youreka Mobile on Android date picker now has an improved color scheme to avoid low contrast date selection.
  • A missing field access has been added to the Youreka Admin permission set.

Known Issues

  • If an Android device is offline and enters into an area with Wi-Fi or cellular data while still asleep in “doze” mode, the Youreka mobile app does not always recognize that the device has an internet connection.
    Should this occur, the immediate fix is to disconnect from the internet by turning off Wi-Fi or by going into airplane mode. After a brief moment, turn Wi-Fi back on or turn airplane mode off. This causes the app to reconnect to the internet. To prevent this situation from occurring in the future, please complete the following steps on your device:

    Samsung on Android 7

    1. Open Settings App
    2. Search for “Battery” and click on it in the results list
    3. Click on “Unmonitored Apps”
    4. Click on “Add apps”
    5. Select Youreka from the list of apps and then click “Done”

    Samsung on Android 8

    1. Open Settings App
    2. Search for “Battery” and click on it in the results list
    3. Click on “Unmonitored Apps”
    4. Click on “Save Power”
    5. Uncheck Youreka from the list of apps and then click “Done”

    LG, One Plus, Google

    1. Open Settings App
    2. Search for “Battery optimization” and click on it in the results list
    3. Click the drop down list at the top that either says “All Apps” or “Not optimized” and make sure it says “All apps”
    4. Scroll down to see the Youreka app and click on it
    5. When the modal pops up, click “Don’t optimize” and then click “Done”
  • Generating PDFs in Chrome with a zoom setting other than 100% can cause checkbox list questions to be generated incorrectly.
  • Deep Links in Android only navigate to the Youreka Mobile application not a specific form while offline.
  • Under certain conditions, when taking many photos on the Mobile app the user may encounter a white screen. When this occurs, the user should manually close and restart the app.
  • Shutting the mobile app down while the token is being refreshed (as indicated by a modal) can cause a white screen. When this occurs, the user should manually close and restart the app.





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