In the event that you need to launch the Youreka Mobile App from a place other than Salesforce Mobile (such as a website, or Salesforce’s Field Service Mobile App), you’ll need to create a special URL that will open the Youreka Mobile App directly. This URL will vary, depending on your desired end user experience. Find your desired end user experience in the below table, and reference the required deep link format for that behavior. These scenarios all work in both iOS and Android*, both online and offline (except where noted).

Deep Link Format Behavior When Mobile Cards not enabled Behavior When Mobile Cards enabled Behavior When Check-in/Check-out enabled Link to existing form Link to existing form.**** Not Permitted message
/apex/disco__NewForm?templateID=template-id&disco__Form_Contact__c={!Contact.Id}&DeepLink=true*** Create a new form in Salesforce Mobile App then navigate to the form in Youreka Mobile App. Online only. Link to existing form.**** Not Permitted message Create a new form in the Youreka Mobile App. Link to existing form.**** Not Permitted message Pre-Gambrills: n/a

Post-Gambrills: Mobile Cards Not Enabled message.

Open forms list for record (primary object) Open forms list for record (primary object)and load check-in modal


* In the Settings App in Android, the Supported Links property for the Youreka App should be set to “Open in this app”. If Chrome has ever been set as the default app to open a Youreka Deep link, you will also need to go to Chrome in the Android Settings App and click the clear defaults button.
** While the aforementioned apps are the only ones that have been officially tested, Deep linking should function the same from other third-party apps. If issues are found with other apps, please contact Youreka Support.
*** Prepopulate required field links on the new form page by adding their ids to the link. Include the ampersand, object name and either the salesforce id to link to an existing record or the word NEW to create a new one.
**** If the Form has the Primary Object Lookup, it will take you to that Primary Object Record Forms List when you leave the form. If the Form doesn’t have the Primary Object Lookup, it will take you to the Primary Object list but it will not be accessible on the mobile app from a list. However, the changes on he form will still be saved to Salesforce.


Field Service Mobile

In the specific case of Field Service Mobile, the URL formatting can be utilized as the launch value for an FSL App Extension.


Please note the {!Form__c} is the way to pass the value of a field into a Field Service Mobile App Extension.  The Form__c field will pass the 18 digit Salesforce ID of the Form we want to retrieve for a specific work order.