Navigating a Form

While editing a form, click the hamburger icon in the upper, left-hand side of your screen to open the Form Options List:

  • Save: Saves the data you’ve collected and takes you back to the forms page within the app.
  • Save & Close: Saves the data you’ve collected and takes you back to the forms page.
  • Photos: Opens a screen which prompts you to take and attach a photo to your form.
  • Navigation: Allows you to jump to different sections of your form.
  • View Insights: Saves your form and generates any discoveries or Einstein findings, if built into the form.
  • Generate PDF: Creates a PDF of your form and adds it as an attachment to a new email on your device.
  • Cancel: Cancels out of your form and navigates back to the forms page. If any data in your form was saved at any point (through Save & Close or auto-save as you move from page to page), it will not be lost by clicking Cancel. Empty and unsaved forms will not be synced.

Moving Between Pages

To toggle between pages, either click the arrows along the bottom to move back and forth or swipe left or right on your device to move from page to page. Moving between pages automatically saves your progress.


Moving Between Sections

To toggle between sections, select Navigation from the hamburger menu. Choose the section or page you wish to jump to.