Care and population health management made simple

A smart, easy-to-use, fast-to-deploy software solution that supports innovative healthcare organizations in the quest to transform modern healthcare delivery.

Population stratification


Forms & Assessments

Care management

Care transitions

Integrate records, consume patient data, and train staff in record time

Integrate records, consume patient data, and train staff in record time

Achieve big savings

Improve efficiency while driving quality of care

Improve quality of care
Reach patients in more meaningful ways.
Synapse has brought us access to information in such a short period of time. For us, this has been huge. Synapse tells us what to do and what to do next...And what's great is, as we grow and we get bigger, we're able to add; we're able to change.
Kathy Smiley, Clinical Care Liaison, Reliance ACO

Care management software that improves health outcomes

Synapse is built on the world’s most innovative, secure, and reliable platform,®. Our interactive modules work together to create a complete coordinated care management solution

Intelligent population stratification

Drill down into your data to create patient profiles that highlight key distinctive patterns.

Simple scheduling

Schedule appointments with ease and spend more time on patient care.

Smart forms and assessments

Drag and drop to create custom smart forms that you can access on the go.

Insightful care management

Provide better, more personalized patient care by creating insightful views of your population.

Stay connected

Stay engaged with your patients to build beneficial and lasting relationships.

Informed care transitions

Stay up to date on your patient population with actionable alerts about patient care transitions.