End-to-End Salesforce® Solutions for Field Service and Operations

in Oil, Gas, and Energy

Streamline Field Operations, Improve Field Technician Performance, and Leverage Real-Time Analytics to Reduce Costs and Mitigate Risks.

Synaptic AP designs and deploys comprehensive field service solutions on the Salesforce Platform for every segment of the oil and gas industry: upstream, midstream, downstream, and oilfield services. We give you a 360-degree view of your field operations at oil and gas wells, refineries, and petrochemical plants. What’s more, we empower field engineers and technicians with mobile tools to elevate their performance and maximize efficiency.

Transform Field Operations and Mobile Workforce Management

  • Prevent costly chemical hazards, safety valve malfunctions, drill pipe defects, and more with predictive BI insights and real-time analytics.
  • Rapidly schedule and dispatch the right resources to the right locations.
  • Arm field operators with dynamically-guided intelligence to deliver flawless installations, maintenance checks, and repairs.
  • Gain a 360-degree view of your field service performance and operations to learn from successes and failures.

Our Field Operations Capabilities for Every Segment

Upstream, midstream, downstream, and oilfield services
  • Remove data silos by integrating Salesforce® and custom apps with your ERP system, data warehouse, and other backend systems.
  • Easily track and manage Accounts, Contacts, Assets, Cases, and other objects in Salesforce® and/or Field Service Lightning.
  • See the full, real-time picture of what’s happening on the ground at your well, refinery, or transmission pipeline site inside Salesforce®.
  • Create and process work orders and cases fast.
  • Present field technicians and engineers with their appointments, work orders, and tasks for the day on their mobile device.
  • Intelligently schedule product deliveries to drilling sites, oil storage facilities, and gas stations. Plus, plan routes that reduce drive time, gas consumption, and wear and tear on company vehicles.
  • Dispatch the best technicians and equipment for repairs, installations, maintenance checks, audits, and inspections based on skills, location, and time.
  • Elevate the performance of less experienced field technicians and engineers with a smart, Salesforce®-native forms app. Guide technicians through installations, repairs, and inspections.
  • Eliminate data loss and inefficiencies with offline data capture, conditional logic, and automated Salesforce synchronization.
  • Spot potential hazards and avoid costly mistakes by leveraging Einstein AI to identify important contents in the photos you take while onsite.
  • Conduct thorough, error-free facilities inspections, quality control audits, and health and safety audits of natural gas wells, oil refineries, and marine vessels that transport petroleum.
  • Downstream companies can streamline product deliveries and improve first-visit resolutions when fulfilling service requests for their retail accounts.
  • Identify risks in your field operations, get ahead of potential pitfalls, and flag sources of inefficiency with custom Salesforce reports.
  • Quickly spot irregularities in your production facilities and drilling assets with KPI dashboards.
  • Downstream companies can easily track the sales performance of their oil, gas, and petrochemical products in Salesforce.

Meet Garrett

Garrett is a service technician for Acme Fuel Co., an oil and gas company. This is his second deployment to an oil rig.

Our Salesforce® Toolbox

Synaptic AP leverages five major Salesforce® components when building custom solutions for clients. We unify disparate data and simplify complex processes so you can maximize efficiency, avoid pitfalls, and achieve greater field service success.

The Salesforce Platform

We tailor your Salesforce implementation to your unique processes and make it easy for you to capture and leverage data right when you need it. The Salesforce Platform is the foundation upon which we build your holistic field service management solution.

Field Service Lightning

Salesforce’s mobile workforce management solution, Field Service Lightning, makes it easy to route and schedule the best resources for service requests, ensuring work orders are fulfilled as quickly as possible.


A Salesforce-native mobile forms app for assessments, audits, inspections, and surveys that lets your mobile workforce capture essential data onsite without having to leave the Salesforce Platform. Youreka guides mobile workers through customer interactions step by step to ensure better performance and higher customer satisfaction.

Einstein AI

Mobile workers can leverage real-time artificial intelligence, powered by Salesforce Einstein, to resolve complex issues and spot potential hazards. Einstein classifies the contents of the photos you take and gauges the intent and sentiment of a customer’s written feedback to help you triage problems you may have otherwise missed.

Custom Apps

No two business environments are identical. That’s why, in addition to deploying traditional Salesforce solutions, we also build apps that extend Salesforce throughout your organization.

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