Custom Solutions

That Drive Physician Referral Growth​

How We Help with Physician Referral Management

The management and growth of a provider’s referral network are critical to the success of their practice. Relationships with physicians are essential to maintaining a high and regular influx of patient referrals. But not all relationships yield the same results. Synaptic’s consultants design custom Salesforce® solutions that give you a 360-degree view of your physician network so you can forge and maintain relationships that provide a steady stream of new patients.

Simple, Patient-Centered Approach

We know you’re juggling multiple patient cases a day. That’s why we design member management solutions on The Salesforce Platform that are easy to use and place your members at the center.

Our Solutions at a Glance

  • Comprehensive physician and patient directories
  • Custom Salesforce® reports, dashboards, and forecasting
  • Data across devices – mobile phone, desktop, laptop, and tablet
  • Data integration – bring physician information and referral data into Salesforce via your EMR/EHR
  • Marketing – closely track physician outreach and optimize marketing efforts
  • Real-time information sharing with key support staff (front desk, call center, etc.)

Areas of Focus

360° View of Your Existing Physician Network

We enable you to easily track what’s happening with your contacts, automate reminders to engage physicians at prime moments, and discover ways to foster new relationships and nurture existing ones. We give you the tools to consistently grow your physician referral network.

Forecasting and Measurement
We automate your forecasting in Salesforce® so you can predict referral growth across new and existing physician contacts for the weeks and months ahead. What’s more, we make it easy to compare actual referrals from your EHR/EMR against historic forecast data to assess and adjust your forecasting model.
Actionable Analytics
Our Salesforce® reports and dashboards reveal insights and trends that can fuel effective patient referral activities. Pinpoint your top 10 referrers, for example, and capitalize on those relationships to acquire more patients. Or identify those whose referrals have dropped off and devise a plan to re-engage them.

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