Custom Solutions

That Drive Down the Cost of Care​​

How We Help Payers

We equip Payers with Salesforce®-based tools and data to implement effective health interventions for members and lower costs across the board. We tailor our solutions to your unique environment, ensuring you have full visibility into member populations and actionable information at all times

Simple, Patient-Centered Approach

We know you’re juggling multiple patient cases a day. That’s why we design member management solutions on The Salesforce Platform that are easy to use and place your members at the center.

Our Solutions at a Glance

  • Easy, real-time appointment scheduling and case routing
  • Smart, customizable forms and health assessments for field-based care and telemedicine
  • Admission, Discharge, and Transfer (ADT) notifications
  • Secure data sharing across the health network – CMS, HIEs, EHRs, etc.
  • Communication solutions that increase patient engagement

Areas of Focus

Cost Reduction

The less timely information you have on a member, the harder it is for you to help them find cost-effective care. We implement Salesforce®-based solutions that enable you to access and share claims data at critical moments and easily collaborate with caregivers on cost-saving strategies. We also can help streamline internal operations to further shrink costs.

Maximize Efficiency​

We build custom Salesforce® reports, dashboards, and apps that reveal trends within patient populations. You can leverage these insights to create highly effective, individualized care plans aimed at preventing members from developing serious illnesses and having to go to the hospital repeatedly.

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