SynoV8tionSM – The intersection of Synthesis and Innovation

Your CRM system is only as good as the blueprint it is built upon. Understanding requirements, defining new processes and achieving consensus across a diverse audience – each a daunting task on their own and when combined, potentially overwhelming.

Enter Synaptic. Synaptic’s SynoV8tionSM framework leverages SynoV8SM, an extensive network of templates, intellectual property repositories, and code libraries, to rapidly and cost effectively define and model your business processes, collaborate on system design and deploy within your organization. SynoV8tionSM is a fully matured methodology that covers everything from development of initial requirements, application configuration, deployment, training and ongoing support of your environment.

The SynoV8tionSM framework helps reduce time to market, lower deployment costs and eliminate time consuming system rewrites through:

  • Exposing an exhaustive repository of industry and functional best practices
  • Allowing project teams to share ideas and make decisions in a highly visual and intuitive tool
  • Prototyping multiple scenarios and user interfaces options on the fly