Sales Operations

Often miscast, misaligned, and ineffectively utilized, Sales Operations remains a critical component of any successful Sales Organization. While their primary mission is to provide the blocking and tackling needed for the field forces to be successful, many Operations groups quickly find themselves overwhelmed with an endless list of “squeaky wheel” issues. Synaptic works with Sales Operations to automate and improve administrative tasks and refocus resources on the truly important items that help drive revenue.


  • Establish centralized, coordinated communications between your sales force, sales leadership, product management, and marketing
  • Create a better prepared sales force armed with the right tools and an understanding of how to best use them
  • Develop improved information and resource sharing processes between sales teams

Demand Generation

It can be tedious, frustrating, and intimidating, but any way you cut it, if you’re not prospecting, you’re not growing. Synaptic helps Sales Organizations take the fear and mystery out of prospecting by helping reps leverage their individual strengths and connect their message to the issues most relevant to their clients.


  • Better targeting of high likelihood prospects that value your offering and are in a position to purchase your solution
  • Higher volume and more consistent lead production
  • Improved conversion of leads to closed business

Opportunity Management

All sales are not equal. To win large, complex deals you must invest more resources, collaborate amongst internal groups, and carefully craft a comprehensive plan of action that addresses the many potential obstacles to completing the sales process. Synaptic helps institutionalize desired sales methodologies and incorporate them into the every day behaviors of the sales force.


  • Optimally allocate valuable resources to your HVO’s (Highest Value Opportunities)
  • Allow managers to quickly identify vulnerable sales deals and prescribe corrective actions
  • Dramatically improve rendering of the “Opportunity Landscape,” and reduce unforeseen or last minute impediments to the sales process